January 13, 2009

Première Heure by Thierry Bouët

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Samaritaine Paris. Photo's by Thierry Bouët., originally uploaded by fotorené. The giant babies that have...
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January 7, 2009

Research: Numbers Are Hardwired

It's interesting, but if you don't have time to read this entire Economist article, here is a quick summary: Newborn babies can tell the difference between 2 and 3. Apparently, numbers and counting are built into our brains. Even Aboriginal...
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December 23, 2008

Easy Labor

Mazeltov. Now you have until Mardi Gras to figure out how to fit a car seat on the chopper. --jaSwon webBer-- sends these. [4qconditioning, thanks andy]...
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December 16, 2008

Toyota 4Runner MacGuyvered Into 3rd World Incubator

Trying to save newborns and preemies in developing countries from preventable deaths by donating crappy old incubators apparently doesn't work. Even if they work, no one ever sends the manual. But really, the things break down pretty quickly, and there's...
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November 28, 2008

Giuliani Time Of His Life

Isn't it interesting how some politicians always seemed to have a Life magazine photographer handy when their children were born? You'll be wanting to check out the full set of Tad Thai's maternity ward fashion/photoshoot with then-US Attorney Rudy...
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November 25, 2008

DT Terrifying Tuesday: Powdered Formula Is A Preemie's Best Source For Deadly Meningitis??

Ho-Lee smokes. At least 17 cases of spinal meningitis, a potentially fatal or debilitating brain infection, can be attributed to the use of powdered formula or preemie nutrient supplements. The cases have happened in both NICU and home situations, and...
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Foreskins: The New Trend In Danish Modern Design

After banning female circumcision last year, the Danish Parliament is now considering a ban on male infant circumcision. In the case of religious or culturally dictated circumcisions, they would have to wait until the kid is 15 and can make...
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November 16, 2008

Friday Freakout: Argentine Time Edition

The wife's in Argentina, and I hear everything starts late in there. Though I also accept that it's hard to ruin your weekend with alarming parenting news and way-too preliminary research findings if I'm only getting the post out on...
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November 15, 2008

Fort Bragg Has A Surge Of Its Own

I know what you did starting last fall, 82nd Airborne. The entire division of the US Army was deployed to Iraq for The Surge last summer, and now it seems that births are up 50 percent at the on-base medical...
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November 4, 2008

With Kumar Nowhere In Sight, Harold Heads To The Delivery Room

Really? John Cho had a kid? There seems to have been a couple of mentions that they were expecting in April, but then nothing. Mazel tov to him, his wife, and their new son, who Cho cites as the reason...
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October 25, 2008

WillDrawAnything.com Will Draw Anything Like, Say, A Nerdy Birth Announcement

That's what new dad Ryan Parr got for his two bucks. Here's hoping he also gets a hefty chunk of equity in the social networking site his daughter just launched. Will Draw Anything 458: New Born starts social network [yirmumah...
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October 17, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: WTFormula Edition

Here, let me ruin your parenting weekend with worry and annoyances torn from the headlines and the annals of way-too-preliminary research: "HEY MOMS!" Holy crap, Similac's new pack could be the greatest thing since Nabisco Double Stuff Oreo-flavored formula, but...
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September 3, 2008

DTQ: How Flat Was Your Kid's Head Before You Did Anything About It?

Because K2's got this flat spot on the back of her head, and it's kind of bugging me out. It started early; she'd almost always turn her head to the right when we'd lay her down; and while we'd always...
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September 1, 2008

The Demonization Of The Foreskin In Victorian Britain, By The Student Of The Foreskin In Victorian England

I don't know what the Journal of Social History has been working on for the last three years, but they're finally getting around to reviewing Robert Darby's groundbreaking historical book, A Surgical Temptation: The Demonization of the Foreskin and the...
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August 15, 2008

Is BabyTracker:Nursing The Only Decent Baby App On The iPhone?

Darren Andes' Baby Tracker: Nursing is a tap-friendly iPhone app that allows moms to log their breastfeeding activity, whether it's to keep track of how much and how long the kid's eating, or just to remember which side the...
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August 14, 2008

Baby Chucks

Having a baby is a rough time for Chuck Taylor snobs. I mean, dude. Converse has been owned by Nike since before your kid was born. For the rest of us, the obvious reasons not to buy Converse First...
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August 8, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: Or Do You Prefer McFreakout Edition?

Here's a host of alarming research and news stories to shake you out of your parenting habits. After all, I'd hate for you to go the whole weekend only worrying about how you can fit a Chinese-style, 500-foot long LED...
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August 5, 2008

NY Mag Should Talk To Their Nanny Before Posting

Why's that newborn baby smiling in that $14 million picture? NY Mag say: "We Call Photoshop on the 'People' Pics of the Brangelina Twins" Here at Daddy Types, we call gas. Meanwhile, if Shiloh challenges your kid to a...
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July 11, 2008

Funny Or Die's Not Dead Yet! Three McConaugheys and a Baby

Three Matthew McConaugheys and A Baby [funnyordie.com via radar]...
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June 18, 2008

War & Sweetpeace: Graco Rocking Robot Single-Armedly Tackles Nation's Reading Crisis

Thanks to CBS News, we all know there's a reading crisis in America. An NEA survey shows that barely half of adults read a book in 2004. Reading proficiency is dropping dramatically in every age group. [Except for 9 year...
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June 15, 2008

Have You Seen Me? Or Maybe Several Of Me?

Just as we planned, the kid adopted one of my mother's flannel blankets with a hand-crocheted edge for her snuggly comforting thing. I say planned, because we kind of pushed it, because they were always right at hand, and...
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June 5, 2008

Which Vaccination Kool-Aid To Drink?

Is infant vaccination a tough decision for you? Strident arguments about pandemics, irresponsible hippies, governmental conflicts of interest, auto-immune disorders, and autism got you down? Everyone sound like they're just peddling a party line of some kind, and you don't...
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June 4, 2008

Papa Pillow For Metrosexual Dads

Now that we all wax our chests regularly [wait, right? right??], an entire generation of infants are at risk of growing up deprived of the vital kinesthetic imprinting that comes from falling asleep on dad's hairy chest. Fortunately, recent...
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May 9, 2008

Babytalk: Phthalates Are Hard! Let's Go Shopping!

Holy crap. A few weeks ago, a group of educated, well-paid, professional women sat in a conference room at the Bonnier Corporation in midtown Manhattan and decided that, in matters of basic science, medicine, and health, they would treat moms...
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May 1, 2008

You Gonna Finish That? Yes, Yes You Gonna.

A 5-lb bag of trail mix. A 3-lb canister of cashews. A 2-lb bag of dried mangos. A 3-lb jug of peach salsa. With a giant bag of Tostitos. A 1-lb box of edamame. A 1-gallon jar of sweet relish....
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DT Publicity Contest Roundup: Or At Least Two.

Did the National Association Of Publicity Stunt Managers declare May Publicity Contest Month? If your kid is born in May, you can enter him or her to win a $20,000 savings bond and to be named the first Vlasic Pickle...
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April 24, 2008

Hey LA County, Is It Still Co-Sleeping When You Pass Out?

So LA County's Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect [ICAN] wanted some attention for their 2008 Child Death Review Report, and they got it. The front¢er recommendation--the only recommendation, in fact--is that "co-sleeping" is a "potentially lethal act." Of...
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April 12, 2008

DT Headline Roundup: Wait, What? Edition

Things in my inbox and browser tabs that make me go, wait, am I missing something here? From This Week In The British Surveillance State: A local school board in a London suburb used an anti-terrorist surveillance law to surveille...
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April 11, 2008

We Just Realized We Left Something Else In Los Angeles:

The last hour-and-a-half of K2's daytime naps. Seriously, since the little kid came home, she has not been sleeping more than 30-40 minutes at a time. Before LA, she'd do an easy 1.5-2hr morning nap, then a 2+ hour afternoon...
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March 28, 2008

Finnish Government Handouts Totally Killed Local Cardboard Baby Box Market

Finland: it's the little differences. I didn't know it was going to be Finland week around here, but DT commenter hfb ties the whole thing together and brings it all home with by pointing out that cardboard box cradles...
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March 25, 2008

DT Link Roundup: PC, ABC, APC, RR, HR Edition

Some headlines and links from the DT browser tabs: One WSJ dad knows he's ruining his 5-yo son's future by not teaching him more about computers. but dammit, we didn't need Webkinz when we were that age; we blew our...
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March 5, 2008

I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Doodad Shelf

So I got a little sick of bottles strewn across the counter and little rubber valves slipping between the drying rack, and I bought a Skip*Hop Splash bottle rack and brush combo [Wow, $28? Seems a little pricey, but...
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February 27, 2008

The New York Times Is The New Urban Baby

Five months ago, Keith Dixon and his wife lost their dining room to the new baby, and now he's struggling to figure out how to cook dinner in silence so the toppling towers of pans don't wake up the just-asleep...
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February 19, 2008

Uma's Choice: Milk Bank Can Either Save Preemies Or Cure Cancer

It's devastating, but simple: Fort Worth has so many teen pregnancies with so many premature births, the Mothers' Milk Bank has to turn away throat cancer patients who would otherwise be cured by the liquid gold. Fortunately, the solution is...
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February 6, 2008

Breast Is Best?

So an unidentified local new mom who appears to be a strong advocate of breasfeeding walks into a Best Buy--which is decorated with giant posters of herself... If you can actually manage to look at her face for a...
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So Much For That Whole Wii Exercise Thing

Kottke links to a collection of timelapse videos of people playing Wii, including this one of a guy golfing while holding a baby the whole time: Time Lapse Wii Videos [oobject.com, which is related to yokiddo.com]...
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February 4, 2008

Nice Work, Other Kid

slept 12:30 - 6:30, then back to sleep by 7:10. I feel nervous even mentioning it, though, as if bragging will come back to bite me in the ass. Better to just talk about her first trip to Ikea. Turns...
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February 1, 2008

Female Infant Circumcision? Oh, You Mean The Indonesian Bris?

I've been too unsettled about the New York Times' recent article on female infant genital cutting ceremonies in Indonesia to write about it. Though there's the obligatory quotes from human rights and womens' health advocates, for the most part, the...
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January 27, 2008

"I Don't Want To Hear That Baby Crying Anymore!"

she said as she locked herself in the bathroom. We feel the same way, kid....
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January 14, 2008

DTQ: What White Noise Do You Use?

Just about this time last kid, I posted about an ancient [i.e., circa 1996] family remedy for quieting a fussy kid: a CD with a few white noise tracks on it of everyday household items: a vacuum cleaner, running water,...
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NYT/Babycenter: Hotels Not Just For Sleeping Anymore

What, exactly is going on in the next room? Well, if you're at the Parrot Mill Inn B&B in Chatham, New Jersey, it's probably a latenight lactation consultation for frustrated new parents. That's where the $500/night [!] Mommy Nest suite...
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January 13, 2008

All That And A Bag Of Rice: The Dakigokochi Virtual Baby Simulator/Announcement

To celebrate the birth of a baby in a way that makes it feel like the kid's right there in your arms, a rice shop in the southwestern Japanese city of Kita-Kyushu will send out a customized dakigokochi, a...
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January 11, 2008

Family Man From "The Family Of Man," By Dorothea Lange

From Edward Steichen's exhibition, "The Family of Man," this photo of a dad holding his newborn baby is by Dorothea Lange, which I would not have guessed. Lange's Google Image search results were overwhelmed long ago by her photo,...
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January 10, 2008

My Mom Made This Rather Awesome Quilt For The New Kid

My mom likes to make a quilt for each grandchild. As we were sweating over what design to go with and our--ok, my--ingracious inability to get enthused about the traditional quilty patterns was probably getting on her nerves, I...
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January 8, 2008

In The Interest Of Truth In Advertising, I'm Thinking Of Renaming This Blog

Though I can't decide between Even More Diapers and I Hate Snaps, Too! First things first, holy crap, I know they can fill up later, but it just seems ridiculous to me to throw out an entire diaper every 45...
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January 7, 2008

Home And Mostly Settled

We're all home and chill now. I had rambling philosophical post almost done about the differences between the first and the second time you have a kid, what you know, what you know you don't know, etc. Then I was...
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January 2, 2008

My Brother The Daddy Type

So my brother and his wife just had their baby yesterday [I'd say "mazel tov," but they'd probably have to look it up; they live in Denver, and unless Daniel Libeskind's in town to check on his museum/condo project, I...
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December 11, 2007

British MDs Debate Infant Male Circumcision & Kids' Rights

The British Medical Journal has published a pro & con debate on whether infant male circumcision is neutral, harmful, or beneficial, and if there are demonstrable medical benefits should operation be put off until the guy can decide for himself....
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December 7, 2007

DT Q&A: "A Million Little Diapers," By Actor/Playwright/Dad John Mooney

It's Daddy Types editorial policy that there's no quid pro quo for advertising on the site. So when I saw the ad appear on Daddy Types for John F. Mooney's play, "A Million Little Diapers," my interest was piqued. So...
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November 15, 2007

Royal Deluxe II With No Cheese, Please, We're Keeping Kosher

How classic is this Saturday Night Live circumcision sketch? I get a little verklempt just thinking about it. Royal Deluxe II TV commercial [youtube]...
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November 14, 2007

A Rabbi And Martha Stewart Walk Into A Bar Mitzvah

Oy gevalt, if ever there was a magazine crying out for a mensch's touch, it's Jewish Living. Just check out this subheading:It's not enough that you just brought home a beautiful baby boy--now you have to throw a party? These...
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November 11, 2007

Otouto No Oppai/ My Little Brother's Boobs

I hate to judge a book by its cover, but even though I can't find any information on the just released Otouto no Oppai, I think I have an idea of what it's about. [The artist/author is Miyanishi Tatsuya,...
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October 27, 2007

Boogie Pimps: Wait, So The Bottle Is For Her??

As Eric, who "randomly" came across this video says: "So many issues, I don't even know where to begin." Me either, so I will just compliment Ms. Pimps on her very flattering nursing bra. Boogie Pimps - Somebody To...
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October 25, 2007

CPSC: Apparently, 1mm Bumbo Baby Seats Aren't Meant For Use On Tables

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } bumbo, originally uploaded by dulcesmommy. You know how Bumbo baby seats totally look like untippable...
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October 17, 2007

Dan Neil: Chrysler's New Minivan Will Make You A DILF

Dan Neil in the LA Times: Out on the savanna, the reproductively desirable male was older (à la Connery), of higher rank and status within the tribe and commanding more of its wealth. A female's innate programming tends to favor...
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October 15, 2007

I Was Shot By Andy Warhol: The Baby In Warhol's Screen Test

Penelope Palmer, Warhol Screen Test, 1966, image: The Warhol Film Project Andy Warhol's films--particularly his Screen Tests--are some of the greatest and least appreciated of all his work. Between 1964 and 1966, Warhol shot 472 individual tests, each consisting of...
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October 11, 2007

WHOA. NYT: Makers Pull Infant Cold Medicines

How are new parents supposed to get more than four hours of sleep or travel to Asia with a newborn NOW?? The NY Times just reported that the makers of major infant cold medicines are pulling their products from the...
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October 4, 2007

Dude Buys The Only Non-Girly Sling On Etsy.

I remember being completely floored when I was walking down the street in Amsterdam, and right there in the store window was--a male mannequin wearing a grey pinstriped suit with a matching baby sling. Since I was kidfree at the...
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October 2, 2007

Upstate NY Mom Juggles Blow, Job, And Breastfeeding

Today's episode of Saratoga Street is brought to you by the letters, W, T, and F:Schenectady Police have arrested a Saratoga woman in a prostitution bust and they say that woman, Linda Cook, performed sex acts on two men in...
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September 24, 2007

Richard Bailey's To Be A Dad

The Photography Annual issue of Creative Review was published with six different covers, including this goofy-cool image by British photographer Richard Bailey. Titled To Be A Dad it looks similar to a series of ads he shot for A&E...
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September 18, 2007

Hushamok: A Soloflex For New Parents

Claims of revolutionary functionality. Beautifully designed, A bit expensive but it feels worth it when you pull the trigger. And you'll be hanging your laundry off of it in six months. Yes, the Hushamok is the sleekest new entrant in...
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September 12, 2007

City of Sound: A Birth, In 13 Places, On One New Dad's Architecture Blog

One of my favorite architecture and urban space bloggers, Dan Hill, of City of Sound, is a new dad [mazeltov, Celia & Dan, hi Ollie!]. [Which means he helped put on the awesome NYC symposium/happening Postopolis! in May just weeks...
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New Yorker Confirms What You Know: Colic Is A Form Of Torture

The Sept. 17 issue of The New Yorker has a long, fascinating, informative, but ultimately frustrating article on the vexing mysteries of colic. If your kid has colic, though, please don't use your one precious hour of quiet reading about...
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September 10, 2007

Hand Knit Starfleet Baby Blankie Subtler Than Most

It seems I've wandered into the web's Knerdish Knitting Knook. Samantha made a little snuggly/baby washcloth thing with the Starfleet insignia on it for some pregnant Star Trek fan/friends. [with Trek-themed music, but no Starfleet uniforms or Klingon cake...
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September 7, 2007

Wait, Say Again? Moms Sit Around Comparing The Size Of Their Kids' Penises??

Is this just Californiatalk or did Josh from Cookie's Daddy Underground blog stumble upon something mothers have known about for years--but don't mention in front of their baby daddies? Or when you have a boy, everyone just talks about his...
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September 5, 2007

Baby Time Capsule Will Still Not Outlast Disney's Control Of Pooh-Related Copyrights

What better way could there be to capture the love and joy of your child's birth and preserve it for the far off future, than with a stainless steel time capsule engraved with your child's name and birthdate in...
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September 4, 2007

YouTube Is The New Birth Announcement! Omedetou!

For families who are spread out across the globe, why NOT use YouTube to share the video of you waiting to hear about your kid's birth [down the hall, around the corner, in the shoe-free zone of the Japanese hospital]?...
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September 1, 2007

But He Wins Big In Those Great Extra Innings In The Sky

25-yo Minnesota Twins pitcher Scott Baker and his wife Leean's second son Easton was born Friday before last, five weeks premature. Baker took a few days off, then hustled the clan back to Minneapolis to pitch the second game of...
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August 30, 2007

Daddy Gives Kid The Fast Typing Gene

You know what they say about a guy with big hands and big feet: he must've gotten it from his father. And in the case of Jeshua Fuller, born Tuesday in Brooklyn, they'd be right. Jeshua was born with...
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August 29, 2007

Baby Paper? "Because Babies Love To Play With Paper!" Uh,

Somewhere in America, a car is parked in the driveway tonight. It's regular space has been usurped for months now by several dozen cases of [reams of?] CD jewelbox-sized, crinkly plastic-lined fleece hankies known as Baby Paper. ["Known" may...
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August 17, 2007

Vanity Fair: Arthur Miller "Deleted" His Down Syndrome Son

I am totally floored. The playwright Arthur Miller had a son with Down Syndrome in 1966 who he never publicly acknowledged and all but wrote out of his life. [What an odd choice of words, under the circumstances.] The boy,...
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August 16, 2007

What's In Your Circumcision Library?

So we're waiting at the OB's office for the 20-week ultrasound visit yesterday, when I spy this Newsweek blurbicle with Brooklyn novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, whose "My Five Most Important Book" list was topped with, "The Holy Bible: Genesis."...
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August 7, 2007

Little Marc Box At Colette Is A Desperate Cry For Help

Since Marc Jacobs has come so clean about overcoming all his addictions lately, I will, too: I'm a recovering Colette-oholic. I wrestled with my problem for years, even though to be honest, I usually found their highly edited [i.e.,...
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August 3, 2007

What's? The Deal? With That? Don't Mohels Have To Sign NDA's?

Good L-rd, people, PLEASE tell me you are not out there choosing your mohels based on which celebrity offspring penises he's circumcised?! Just check out what happened to Babble contributor Sam Apple when he went chop-shopping at the JCC:Thirteen circumcisions...
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Cutting Off The End Of Your Son's Penis May Or May Not Affect His Sex Life

There's a lot to swallow, but the deft reporting hands at US News & World Report do a good job of pulling back the outer layers of controversy and concentrating on the most sensitive areas that are the thrust of...
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The First Time's No Longer Free: NYC Hospitals Stop Handing Out Formula Gift Bags To Newborns

As with so many things during World Breastfeeding Week, news stories about questionable formula marketing practices come in attention-getting pairs. This time it's New York City's public hospital network, which announced that it would stop handing out free formula samples...
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July 31, 2007

Dash Snow's Children

Oil industry-and-art-world scion-turned-graffiti artist Dash Snow has always done his best work with semen. As he explained last January in a New York Magazine cover story titled, "Warhol's Children" [he's the tattooed one on the right]:“I’ve always been a big...
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July 30, 2007

Ollie Kottke + Nintendo Mashup

Old blogger/new dad Jason answers the burning question, "iPhone, Wiimote, or newborn baby: which has the best built-in accelerometer?" [here's a hint: it's the one with the Moro Reflex plug-in installed]. Surprisingly, he doesn't make the next leap of logic:...
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July 26, 2007

Hand-Knit ATHF Carl Baby Set: Combover Cap and Chest Hair Sweater

Ah, summer, when we head to the beach and the pool and spend our days frolick--Holy crap, check out that dude's shoulder hair! It looks like he's wearing a freakin' sweater! And that's just the baby. The Carl (ATHF)...
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June 29, 2007

Uma, Chupacabra. Chupacabra, Uma

Congratulations to Ugly Dolls creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim on the delivery, safe and sound, of little UMA. Horvath writes on his blog that UMA only became a reality for them when they saw that first sonogram, a feeling...
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June 23, 2007

Bassinet Ackwards: Culla Belly Cradle/Co-Sleeper Concept Wins Big, Clueless Design Competition

I don't know about you, but it can get pretty damn frustrating when a sleek, beautiful innovative product wins a high-profile children's design competition, but then they never make it to market so I can buy it. Take the...
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June 20, 2007

Your Spear And Magic Helmet? Knitting Needles And Magic Helmet, Actually

Knit the helmet! Knit the helmet! Oh mighty warrior t'will be quite a task How will you do it, might I enquire to ask? I will do it with this kit from Bella Knitting! This kit from Bella Knitting?...
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June 14, 2007

Male Physiological Changes: What You Didn't Expect When You're Expecting

In Slate, Emily Anthes has a very interesting round-up of research into the physiological, chemical, hormonal, and neuronal changes men undergo during pregnancy and fatherhood. It's interesting, but also short; one of Anthes' main points is how little interest scientists...
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June 11, 2007

Let's Stitch Frank! Sew-It-Yourself Toys From Egg Press

Egg Press has released Let's Stitch Frank!, a hand-screened canvas dog kit that's the first in a promised series of sew-it-yourself toys. [Well, the first if you don't count Hoot and Scoot, the other DIY stuffed animals Egg does.]...
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June 5, 2007

37 Things A Bloke Should Know About Daddying

A couple of weeks ago, the British NHS [no, I don't know what it stands for; probably some raging communist thing] published an 8-page magazine supplement titled, 37 Things Every Man Should Know Before He Becomes A Dad which,...
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May 21, 2007

Why Are All The Crazy Parents Vegan?

If 2006 was the peak year for meat-eating meatheads to leave their kids with the valet parking guy, I really hope 2004 was the high watermark for vegan parenting stupidity. That's the year Coney Island vegan dad Raphael Spindell kidnapped...
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May 19, 2007

Nintendo Baby Rattle

I gotta say, I'd like this Nintendo Controller baby rattle more if it was on etsy, not craftser. Until I can buy one in ten seconds, it's just sewing machine people rubbing it in my face, and that gets...
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May 15, 2007

Daddymade Newborn Toy Kits

I would imagine if you're running a handcrafted wooden toy company in a fully developed, expensive country like Germany, you constantly feel pressure from low-cost factories in China or Vietnam or Romania or wherever. What's the logical strategic response?...
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April 16, 2007

Cop Drops Dad, Dad Drops Baby: Taser-Happy Cop Or Fishy Half-Story?

There are a lot of questions I'd like answered before getting all up in the Houston Women's Hospital's grill about the tasering and arrest for attempted kidnapping of a new father as he was leaving the hospital the maternity ward...
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April 2, 2007

"Silly Adults" At Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen

To commemorate the birth of his newest son last month, Copenhagen art dealer Nicolai Wallner invited the artists he represents "to do an exhibition celebrating the spirit of life." Pretty open-ended, and the results are on the gallery's website....
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March 8, 2007

Get Into My Belly: New Baby Cake By Michelle

Michelle Christian is an award-winning cake and sugar artist located in Burgess Hill, a small town between London and Brighton. And she made a cake in the shape of a newborn baby. Also in the shape of the Millennium...
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March 2, 2007

More News From The "Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time" Department

You take an ad from an idiot, you suggest live on the air of your cable news program that your female guest come to your office to pose for nude photos. Everyone makes choices that, in retrospect, look a less...
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February 28, 2007

If Found, Name "Steve"

For some reason, an excited article about new technology for abandoning babies pops up in the major news media every 13-15 months. It's like clockwork. If only birth control or social services protections for the young illegal immigrants from Eastern...
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February 13, 2007

To The Jews, The Gays, The Dads, Mazeltov!

During Hannukah, DT reader Marjorie became an aunt when her brother and his partner adopted a baby girl. [Namewatch Alert: Shirley, family name]. She wrote about the naming ceremony, known as Simchat Bat, that Shirley's dads and family crafted for...
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February 12, 2007

Knit Tits A Hit With Brits

Lactation consultants in Liverpool are deploying handknit model breasts to teach new mothers proper latching and milk expressing techniques. The idea started when one consultant brought a pair in from home and got a favorable response. More were needed, though,...
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February 10, 2007

Danielynn Has Three Daddies

Obviously, in these difficult times, with so much media frenzy flying to and fro, I felt it was best to wait for the authoritative Banterist Playmobil Re-enactment before broaching the subject of the paternity claims for the 5-month-old Danielynn...
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February 2, 2007

Itzbeen Baby Timer: Good. Couldabeen Great

Who knew we were living in the midst of an at-home-dad-driven renaissance in baby tracking technology? While the Baby Industrial Complex was introducing such literally archaic devices as the Mom Abacus as recently as 2004, dadovators like Ben MacNeil and...
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January 9, 2007

Leo Schmeo, Can You Get Me An iPhone?

Yeah yeah congrats, etc. to James Vincent on the birth of his son. Now about that phone... [actually, with this announcement coming the same day as my shipping confirmation and tracking number, it looks like I picked the wrong...
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January 5, 2007

Babies R USA! USA! USA!

Check out the awesome brain trust running this Toys R Us/Babies R Us promotion, which offered a $25,000 savings bond to the first American baby born in 2007. Contest administrators chose new New Yorker Yuki Lin in a random...
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January 4, 2007

Well, Glutes DO Usually Travel In Pairs

So how's the book going, you ask? [hey, thanks!]. Well, until new dad Matt Leinart totally threw off my chapter headings by making out with new mom Britney Spears, it was going great. Totally expected, though, since their kids are...
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January 1, 2007

A Soldier Dad's Journal To His Son

First Sgt. Charles King didn't take leave for the birth of his first son, Jordan, his fiancee, Dana Canedy writes, because he refused to come home ahead of any of the young soldiers under his command. [He did take two...
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December 30, 2006

Papa Bricoleur's DIY Baby Rocker

I've felt bad for not responding to the several emails I've gotten recently asking for advice on cool rockers or baby swings. For a long time, I thought that the reason I couldn't bear to post about them is because...
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December 29, 2006

All The World's A Playmobil, And We Are Merely Playmobilers

The kid only had one request of Santa this Christmas, but it was highly specific. And challenging: "A digger, and rocks, and sand." The digger would be easy enough, I thought. Even though I got priced out of that...
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December 14, 2006

Studies: Do Something, Anything, To Get Kid To Sleep

Seeing as how it's based on a review in the October issue of SLEEP, the journal of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, I'd say the Times was asleep at the wheel with this story about which behavior techniques get...
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December 12, 2006

Who Gets A Puppy Right After Having A Baby??

Also from Yahoo News, a 6-week-old pit bull puppy gnawed four toes off a 1-month-old baby girl in Louisiana. The kid was in an infant carrier on the floor next to the mattress where the parents were sleeping. The vet...
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December 4, 2006

Dude, Check Out Those Bassinets! Lucky Little Bastards

The caption on this photo from the LA Public Library's online photo archive reads:Unmarried teenage mother-to-be tries to reach a decision about her future. She wanders up to the nursery at St. Anne's Maternity Hospital on December 17, 1958,...
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November 21, 2006

I Was Not Aware That October Was SIDS Awareness Month

All I can figure is that someone from the crib bumper industrial complex must have deleted my email announcement from someone in the sleepsack industrial complex. Anyway, kid sleeps, rests, and hangs on his back. No loose or puffy bedding....
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November 20, 2006

OMFCNG! [Hint: The Last Three Are 'Chocolate Nursing Goddess']

Canadian artist Veronica Stewart's elemental sculpture of a mother nursing her child is available in chocolate. At just under 8 oz. and about three inches high, it would fit nicely in the cup of your hand, though it has...
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November 2, 2006

JAMA: Serotonin Breathing Reflex Abnormality May Be Related To SIDS

A new study in based on autopsies of 41 infants who died of SIDS and other causes shows that a serotonin abnormality in the brain stem that triggers breathing reflexes may be involved. This breathing problem fits with the prevailing...
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October 27, 2006

Q: Tips For Great Playgroups, SAHD Groups?

In addition to being a source of fun, entertainment, note-comparing, germ-swapping, and polysyllabic conversation, good playgroups can save an at-home parent's sanity, too. But for a whole host of reasons, they can also be awkward or even unwelcoming for dads....
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October 26, 2006

More Black/White Twins Born To Bi-Racial Parents

Stories about multi-racial couples having one-white/one-black twins used to be a rarity in the news. But now they're as common as kids stuck in vending machines. Also ubiquitous: lame "Ebony & Ivory" references. No Kidding! They're Twins! [nypost via gawker]...
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October 16, 2006

"Cute Kid. What'ser Name?" "Travesty."

Uh-oh, the impossibly biased liberal media in Pelosi-land, that liberal hippie hotbed of San Francisco, is at it again, trying to brainwash everyone with their views of families and parenting. What're they up to this time? ABC News anchor and...
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October 10, 2006

Holy Crap. Mom Attacks Baby Daddy. With Baby.

Some crazy mom in Erie, Pennsylvania smacked her baby daddy upside the head with her 4-week-old baby, causing a skull fracture and some internal bleeding. On the baby, that is. The Erie Times-News is on the story:...[baby daddy Deangelo] Troop,...
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September 26, 2006

Damn! That Is One Tasty Baby Toupee

Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, provides a sweet lid to the weak through the valley of hairlessness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the savior of bald children. And I...
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September 19, 2006

Secrets Of The Burp Catcher

No secret, actually, it makes sense as soon as you see it. The Burp Catcher is a burping cloth with a folded pocket on the bottom, which catches burps. Now you can get all Beavis & Butthead about it...
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September 4, 2006

Baby-Dangling Croc Hunter Killed In Freak Stingray Accident

TV personality and wild animal wrangler Steve Irwin, shown here in 2004 dangling his plump, 1-month-old, chicken-sized son during a Crocodile feeding show at his animal park, has died while diving on camera, off the coast of Australia. He...
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September 1, 2006

Daddy Types Eye On Breasts

They're important enough to get our undivided attention, so here's news from the breastfeeding front: Lactation rooms, company-supplied breast pumps, "sorry about the background noise" comments during conference calls, it's all good news for working moms who want to...
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August 23, 2006

Nice "Good Daddy" Card

Hmm. I just realized I have no category for thoughtful, well-designed paper products and stationery. Is this "You wear 'daddy' well" card from Paper Mama considered gear? Because it does have a picture of a dude with a Bjorn...
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August 12, 2006

Adam Carolla Makes Small Talk About The Twins, The Babies

I guess when a comedian has kids, it takes a while to work out the new material. Is a Scallop an Animal? [nyt]...
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August 8, 2006

Researcher: Not Me, But Other New Dads Feel Depressed

Researchers at Eastern Virginia Medical School found that becoming a parent increased the incidence of depression for both men and women. 14% of new mothers showed signs of depression, compared to 9-10% of gen pop [Ah, Oz. Gone, but not...
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August 4, 2006

Scientists To Aussie Bums: Put Up AND Shut Up

A recent University of Melbourne study of new dads who work outside the home while their new mom partners do most all the "housework" and baby care, and who, while taking twice as much leisure time as their partners, still...
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July 28, 2006

Take "So He Can Date Natalie Portman" Off The List

When the topic has come up around here, we have learned that, colloquially speaking, "so they can get more play" is a not uncommon reason guys give for deciding to have their sons circumcised. Well, if one of your rationales...
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July 14, 2006

Stealing A Baby's Identity Seems Pretty Easy

OK, so the story's a couple of years old now, as is little Andrew, who's probably gotten into plenty of trouble with the credit card companies all by himself now, but still. This story about a 5-month-old baby having his...
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July 7, 2006

CEO's Nanny Drives A Phil & Ted's

Well, the crisis in childcare continues apace. USA Today reports that even some CEO's are feeling the pinch as the cost of quality childcare spirals out of control. Seems that nanny agencies who specialize in placing background-checked, multilingual nannies with...
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July 5, 2006

Daniel Raeburn's NY'er Essay, "Vessels," Now Online--With A Followup

In the two months since it was published, I've probably received 300 requests from people looking for a copy of "Vessels," Daniel Raeburn's extraordinary New Yorker magazine essay about his and his wife's experience with their stillborn daughter, Irene. So...
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June 12, 2006

WHO: Show Us You're Breastfeeding!

"Breast is Best" is apparently not good enough for the World Health Organization and the Dept. of Health & Human Services, who have instituted a new awareness campaign claiming that not breastfeeding is actually risky, for both a mom...
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June 11, 2006

A British New Dad Writes (And Writes) About The Pull Of Work And Fatherhood

There's a looong article by a new dad in today's UK Observer. I tried to find the Big Idea nuggets to quote and give a sense of the whole thing, but there's really so much in there, it's like dads...
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June 6, 2006

NPR: Authoritative British Accent Delivers Scientifically Tested Sleep Advice

As every documentary filmmaker knows, British accents are far more believable. So it's worth taking a listen to this NPR story from yesterday [6/5], in which UK psychologist Ian St. James-Roberts [a hyphen like that? It MUST be true!] discusses...
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June 5, 2006

Q: What Do You Call Grups With Twins? A: Busy Adults.

Waitaminnit, I'm confused. New York Magazine has a surprisingly snark- and hipster-free cover story on twins and multiple births, actually written by new parents of twins. [In case you're wondering how in the world parents of multiples have the time...
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May 10, 2006

Tiny Eyes: Now You Know Why They Put Muppets On Pampers

Created by a group of visual development researchers, Tiny Eyes not only shows what the world looks like from a newborn's point of view, it also allows you to transform your own photos into babyview using the Tiny Eyes...
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April 30, 2006

While Daddy Types

daddytypes_feb_05 Originally uploaded by reptilica. Great picture tagged with fathers and babies and daddytypes. Reptilica writes that an agency licensed the picture for a Visa campaign. That was a year ago; does it look familiar? When the kid was...
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April 26, 2006

Heads Up, Another Precocious Safran Foer Has Entered The World

The Safran Foers, are like the thinking man's Wayans Brothers: sure, they're entertaining, but every time you turn around, it seems like there's another one turned up. That said, congratulations to writer-Safran Foer, Jonathan, who just became dad to Sasha...
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April 15, 2006

Skateboarders Having Kids Is Not A Crime

no one steals my monkey. NO ONE. Originally uploaded by anixdesign. Especially when they're this cute. AWWW. Anixdesign via the daddytypes tag at flickr [flickr] True East Skateshop[skateboarding.com]...
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March 30, 2006

Slate Dr.: Breast Is Best? Or Just So-So?

So, Dr. Sydney Spiesel, of Yale, Connecticut, Slate, and NPR, you're saying that breastfeeding's probably still better than formula, but that the ecstatic health benefits of breastfeeding are not actually based on definitive research--because rigorous studies of humans, much less...
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March 11, 2006

Wow, Trixie Tracker's All Growed Up

Ben Macneill's geek-heavenly Trixie Update was a formative introduction to impending fatherhood for me. Not only did Ben transform the daunting, inscrutable cycles of a newborn's food, sleep, and poo into funny, startle-your-friends! charts and graphs, but he actually teased...
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February 27, 2006

Should That Be Explainable Infant Death Syndrome Now?

A three-year study in the medical examiner's office in Detroit shows that most cases of SIDS can be attributed to accidental suffocation. The findings are based on a researcher visiting the locations of 209 SIDS-related deaths and asking parents/caregivers to...
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February 14, 2006

Re: Getting Your Son Laid

A frequent reason guys cite for deciding to have their sons circumsized is that if he doesn't, the kid won't get any play, because American chicks love themselves a cleancut penis. [A lot of assumptions here, of course, but let's...
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February 7, 2006

JAMA: Moms Get Antidepressants, Babies Get Withdrawal

To my untrained ear, the symptoms of Newborn Abstinence Syndrome sound a lot like the symptoms of Newborn Baby Syndrome: "high-pitched crying, tremors and disturbed sleep." But apparently there's a difference, and new study reveals that NAS has shown up...
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January 1, 2006

A Sleepless First Month For Ben Affleck's Publicists

OK, we all know that as a film, Jersey Girl sucked; so why are they re-releasing it as a series of anecdotes in a bunch of celebrity parenting magazines? A week after the kid arrives, a "family friend" says, "Ben...
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December 29, 2005

We're Co-Sleeping, We're Proud, Get Used To It

The NYT reports on the growing Co-Sleeping Pride movement, in which literally several new parents who have been co-sleeping in secret shame have come out of the closet now that Dr. Richard Ferber has backtracked from his previous "cry it...
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December 18, 2005

Newborn Survival Kit: Coupons From Anvil Paper

The fine designers and letterpress folk at Anvil Paper have come up with a very nice gift idea for new parents who you know reasonably well. The Newborn Survival Kit is a set of five coupons--like McDonald's Gift Certificates,...
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December 1, 2005

Heath Ledger: Everything But Breastfeeding--And Changing Diapers

Witnessing the birth of his child made Heath Ledger rethink his previous definitions of masculinity in a way that playing a gay Wyoming sheep herder didn't. He ruminated a bit on the topic with a reporter from his hometown paper,...
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November 16, 2005

No, I Was Not Aware: Prematurity Awareness Day Was Nov. 15th

The way I see it, if I'm only a day behind Eric Snowdeal on being aware of Prematurity Awareness Day, then I'm still doing alright. Not great, but alright. Turns out Prematurity Awareness Day was yesterday. If you didn't know...
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November 13, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, Vol X.3 - Etc

Here's the info stuff from the blog round-up: So parents [Swedish dads, New York moms] taking their kids into prison with them? wtf? [bloggingbaby] Beth of Blogging Baby flew solo with the kid and did just fine, thanks. She had...
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November 12, 2005

It's A Colic World After All

Perhaps the only retired New York City police officer who owns a breastfeeding boutique, she was born in Berlin 40 years ago. Though her own colic was dosed with British gripe water, as her mother tells it, she was resolved...
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October 24, 2005

Vida Venit, Vicit! Congratulations, Dave Eggers

And wife Vendela Vida on the birth of their daughter October Adelaide* Eggers Vida. Anyone else out there transpose and give the kid his wife's last name? Anyone else out there name the kid after the month in which she...
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October 20, 2005

Seal A Father's Job Is Doing

The first pictures of Seal and Heidi Klum's kid Henry were published in a German-language edition of InTouch magazine. [Coincidentally, our kid looked like a little old man when she was born, too. If we'd stuck to our "let's meet...
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September 26, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, vol. 3

In the whirlwind logistics of getting out of the house in the morning, disaster strikes: Duckies, Bobo, and Pillow don't make the trip. But is it Jason's fault? [hint: if you find yourself quoting George Bush in your explanation...
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September 21, 2005

What 'Child Support' Means To K-Fed

Sure, it's a joy when your kid is born. It's a bigger joy when someone offers you $2 million to take the kid's picture. "'Kevin gets 50 percent of all that money. Tabloid money is the only real money he...
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July 28, 2005

What The--?? Dad Does Six Months For Kissing Zerberting Baby's Belly??

Damn. Is there just one brain cell to share among all the drugstore photo developers, police, and district attorneys in Raleigh (my home town), NC? Because otherwise, I can't explain it. A father was released from jail after six months,...
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May 22, 2005

NY Art World Reaches Baby Tipping Point

From William Pym's Artforum Diary report of the opening for "Make it Now," a group exhibition at SculptureCenter in Long Island City:I have never seen so many babies at an art opening in my entire life; it was as...
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May 21, 2005

11 Ounce Buffalo X-treemie 'Doing Fine'

Smaller than the glass of Diet Coke I just pounded, 11-oz. Dakota Juanita Guido is believed to be the second-smallest baby born...in the US? in captivity? I don't quite know what the hook is here. She was delivered 14 weeks...
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May 9, 2005

Bright Red Is The New(born's) Black

According to the latest research at the Nottingham Toddler Lab, in England, newborns (ok, 4-9 month-olds) can not only distinguish 'colours,' they have 'favourites.' To test this, researchers observed how long a baby would stare at a solid 'coloured' screen....
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May 5, 2005

RE: Your Son's Penis

Got your attention now? Not being the father of a boy, I've never had to decide the fate of another man's penis. And so whatever perspective or advice I might've come up about circumcision with didn't seem worth that much...
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April 27, 2005

Cockeyed.com: Hospital Childbirth

On his website, cockeyed.com, Rob Cockerham is always documenting some wacky scientifical experiment or another: calculating how many pingpong balls fit in a Mitsubishi Montero, etc. For his latest project, he convinced a woman (ok, it appears she is his...
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April 22, 2005

The "F" is for "Fetus"

A woman went into labor this morning on the F-train. [morethandonuts, via kottke]...
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April 11, 2005

Breast Pimps

Grabbing the story with both hands, the LA Times reports on the business and the risks of a new trend: using OPB [Other People's Breastmilk]. While the tradition of wet nurses dates back at least to 1988, when The Last...
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March 29, 2005

Gawker Stalks B. D. (aka Big Daddy) Wong

From Gawker:I saw B.D. Wong on Seventh Ave. this morning holding hands with a toddler. If I recall, he and his partner adopted a child, named him Foo, then B.D. wrote a book about two men raising a baby, then...
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March 8, 2005

Can You Do Something About That Colic?

I always thought of colic as one of those ambiguous 19th century diseases, like consumption or bad humeurs. And even though we went through a few weeks where the kid would go into meltdown for little or no reason, we...
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March 7, 2005

Delivery Room Prep: Are You Man Enough To Watch National Geographic?

The opening paragraph of Virginia Heffernan's NY Times review:Full-frontal images of a vagina are available on cable Sunday night, but they come at a price. You have to watch a bloody, hairy baby burst through that vagina, and before...
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February 21, 2005

Debate Precedes Report on Nationwide Newborn Testing Policy

A federal advisory group is preparing to release a report that calls for nationwide standardized newborn testing for 29 extremely rare but potentially devastating diseases and conditions. Currentyl each state has its own set of tests that newborns automatically receive,...
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February 11, 2005

Meltdown: Can I Get A Second Opinion?

We join Eric and Jen in the middle of 3-week-old Hayes's (aka the HBomb) first official meltdown:The phone rang. It was a doctor or nurse or nurse practitioner or doctor nurse or something returning Jen's call. Jen explained the situation...
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February 2, 2005

When Choosing A Mohel, "Caring" Isn't Enough

Three cases have been identified--including one twin who died--where baby boys in New York City contracted herpes shortly after being circumcised by Rabbi Yitzhok Fischer. "Under Jewish law, a mohel -- someone who performs circumcisions -- draws blood from the...
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January 20, 2005

Brazilian Doctor Masters Art Of Stating The Obvious

"Obviously the baby was born by Caesarean section." - the director of Albert Sabin Maternity Hospital in Salvador, northeastern Brazil, about Ademilton Ramos dos Santos, who weighed 16.7 lbs when he was born Tuesday. That's as big as a...
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January 18, 2005

Mother, Jugs & Plead

How'd I miss this? Back in November, Metrodad almost made a bet with his wife, and the loser was gonna have to sample her breast milk. He asked, was it just him, or were they crazy? Well, he got answers....
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December 3, 2004

Umbilical Cord Keepsakes

Umbilical cord blood storage is a relatively new advancement (more about that later), but many Asian cultures have a tradition of keeping the stump of a baby's umbilical cord. According to new mom Huileng's blog, grandparents in Singapore differ on...
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November 22, 2004

How Many Bad Ideas Can You Fit In One Post?

So some Scottish Queer Eye interior decorator couple is going to "adopt" a baby for their new reality TV series. But they're only going to take care of it for five days of filming, then they'll hand it back. To...
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October 24, 2004

LI Dad Delivers Baby On Northern St Parkway

Buy that man a new set of floormats. Robert Pickus was driving his wife to the hospital on Long Island when--due to a combination of construction on the L.I.E., traffic on the Northern State Parkway, and a sudden cry of...
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September 29, 2004

Now You Can Breastfeed, Too

Umm, let me rephrase that. Now you can simulate breastfeeding while giving your baby a bottle. Early on in dadhood, I wanted to post about a breast-like harness for dads I was sure I'd seen before somewhere. It was supposed...
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September 27, 2004

Technically, You are invited to STROLLERCIZE

Doing deep lunges while pushing the kid around in a stroller may be the best post-pregnancy workout ever, who knows? Get out of the house, bond with the kid, &c, &c. And officially, "partners and husbands" are welcome and can...
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September 22, 2004

Oh, I Get It; A Wedding Cake Made Out Of Diapers

Actually, I don't get it. Actually, now that I think about it, this is one of the most warped things I can think of. Is this seriously what baby showers are all about? A 3-tier Bloomers Diaper Cake is...
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September 20, 2004

Swaddling Demonstration Video

Tech guru/writer/blogger/dad Glenn Fleishman has created a 2-minute video to demonstrate how easy it is to swaddle a kid. The first demo uses The Miracle Blanket, a patent-pending, trademarked, copyright-registered asymmetrical swaddling blanket that I'll post more about later. The...
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September 12, 2004

Spy Kid is Deep Undercover

George Lazenby, the first Other James Bond (Timothy Dalton's the second) has been doing his part for Crown and Country. The 65-year old Lazenby and his wife Pam "Yes, that Pam Shriver" Shriver had their first kid, George Samuel Lazenby,...
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George of Jungle has Monkey Baby

Hats off to Brendan Fraser, whose wife Afton gave birth to their first second son. As befits someone who played an apeman, the kid has a monchichi-size mop of hair. To ensure that he will run away from boarding school,...
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August 16, 2004

From Poo Pockets to Photoshop: Looking into Japanese Diapers

I've got a few Japan-related posts in me: We started out admiring Japanese Pampers for their thinness and their convenient "Change me!" indicator strip, which would change from yellow [heh] to blue as the diaper filled up. But we came...
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July 24, 2004

Kangaroo Care: skin-to-skin bonding

Kangaroo care is the slightly goofy name for holding your diaper-only baby on your bare chest for significant amounts of time (e.g., 20 minutes at a time). It promotes parental bonding (what doesn't, right?), but it also helps kids regulate...
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July 8, 2004

SmartKlamp for, excuse me?? Automatic Circumcisions??

WHOA. If you're on the fence about circumcising any boys about to be born in your vicinity, Gizmodo's got a review of a penis clamp that just might make your mind up for you. My wilfully uneducated guess is, the...
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Micro-preemie Resources?

Kids born at the extreme edge of viability--24-26 weeks, or at a little more than 1 lb birthweight--are called "micro-preemies." Personally, I prefer "extreemies," or "X-treemies," which sounds tougher, and tough is what these kids have to be. They basically...
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July 6, 2004

Congratulations, Jon Stewart

He's a new dad. Ralph Nader, of all people, talking to Steven Colbert, just mentioned on The Daily Show that Stewart & his wife Tracey McShane had just had their baby. No word on whether we need to book the...
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June 30, 2004

Jew Havin' A Baby?

ChosenCouture.com, the makers of the Yo Semite! and Jews for Jeter t-shirts, also offer a few gift ideas for the new dad. You don't need to be Jewish to appreciate them (although for one, you do need to be a...
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June 24, 2004

Be down with EBB: Managing The First Few Weeks

On page 37 of Be Prepared, Gary Greenberg & Jeannie Hayden's excellent guidebook for new dads, are four policy suggestions for dads dealing with PPMS (Post-Partum Mood Swings. If you don't know yet, don't worry.). The other three--listen, ignore occasional...
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June 20, 2004

US Marines, New Dads

MarineParents.com, a support and community site for families and spouses of US Marines, posts announcements and photos of kids born after their fathers have deployed. Happy Father's Day, guys. Come home safe and soon....
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Baby Formula Taste Test

What does baby formula taste like? Do the major brands taste different from one another? What are you feeding that kid? In the interests of science, and because we felt vaguely uncomfortable feeding this foul-smelling concoction to our precious little...
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June 4, 2004

Urbanbabywatch: What Daddy doesn't know

Reading UrbanBaby's acid-filled message boards, so you don't have to:"Husband's self-centered, clueless and useless" I just had an epiphany about what it means to be a mother versus a father. A mother will set aside her wishes and whims of...
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May 24, 2004

Because You Asked For It: Trixie Tracker

By popular demand, Ben MacNeil has introduced Trixie Tracker, a hosted version of Trixie Telemetry, the intensely analytical, easy-to-use baby management software he developed to pass along his daughter's daily activities after his wife went back to work. It rolls...
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May 17, 2004

Coldplay's Daddy Video: The Nappies

When they have a baby, some musicians get their friends together and make silly T-shirts. Others get their friends together, put on silly wigs, and make silly videos. Coldplay, it turns out, falls into the latter category. To celebrate the...
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May 13, 2004

Reporter takes kid for the day, lives

They say you never forget your first time. But what they don't tell you is, when you're a reporter, you publish a minute-by-minute account of your first time for everyone's inspiration and amusement. And, of course, to score macho points...
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May 12, 2004

Entry-level Diaper Advice

1) You should change every diaper you can from as soon as you can. It's called division of labor. Especially if your womenfolk (or in the case of non-polygamists, womanfolk) are breastfeeding every couple of hours, they may feel somewhat...
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May 9, 2004

Mom's Abacus

Bebesounds, "the juvenile products division of Unisar, Inc.," makes the best argument for dads to be involved in child care. While Ben MacNeil is writing software to take parenting into the 21st century with TrixieUpdate, Bebesounds launched a new product...
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April 22, 2004

Week 8: Don't Hate My Sleeping Child

If there's anything X-Men 2 taught us, it's that it can be hard for parents to accept their mutant children. Even if her mutant power is sleeping through the night. Maybe it's just a phase, we thought. Or is it...
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April 13, 2004

Baby Blues, Daddy Depression?

The National Health Service in the UK will roll out an anonymous helpline for fathers dealing with Post-Natal Depression (PND); the service has the so-upbeat-it's-disheartening title, "Fathers Matter." Although some psychiatrists--and at least one cranky farmer--dismiss the idea of PND,...
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April 1, 2004

Sign Language for Babies

We just received this great-looking book from some forward-thinking friends. Turns out sign language for hearing babies is quite a cottage industry. [Kindersigns is just one of many programs online.] The basic concept: babies as young as 6-7 months...
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March 29, 2004

Drownproofing? Don't.

I was going to post some references for drownproofing classes, teaching babies to swim/float enough not to drown if they fall in a pool. But then I found the American Academy of Pediatrics website, which recommends against teaching kids younger...
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March 27, 2004

Doing Kid Laundry

Some tips arising from doing a lot more laundry all of a sudden: We only heard about Dreft, laundry detergent for babies, like two weeks before the kid came. Apparently, it's the combination of tough-stain remover and skin-coddling that does...
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March 26, 2004

Breastfeeding in a Restaurant: A Formula (heh)

I never pegged him for a breast man, but Choire Sicha has just released his patented, formula for calculating when it's OK to breastfeed in a restaurant. Basically, you factor in the type of restaurant, the age of the kid,...
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March 3, 2004

Hand Jam

It's like toe jam, but in the tiny creases of your kid's hands. And it's appearance is a sign that you worry too much about not making your kid cry when you give her a her little bath. She's gonna...
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Week 1: So now he's an expert

Never mind trying to explain how I have the capacity to post anything during the first week of my daughter's life. Here are a few things that are working and some things I wish we'd done differently in advance of...
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March 2, 2004

Love your handsoap

Unless you're a doctor or Howard Hughes, you're going to be washing your hands more often than you ever imagined possible when you bring a new baby home. So whatever soap you get, you'll be soaking in it. "In dishwashing...
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March 1, 2004

New Fathers Roundtable

The Morning News turns out to be one of the more fecund websites around. Last December they convened a new fathers roundtable from among their stable of virile stud contributors. New Fathers Roundtable Participants:Kevin Guilfoile is a Chicago writer and...
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