December 18, 2005

Newborn Survival Kit: Coupons From Anvil Paper


The fine designers and letterpress folk at Anvil Paper have come up with a very nice gift idea for new parents who you know reasonably well. The Newborn Survival Kit is a set of five coupons--like McDonald's Gift Certificates, way back when a 50-cent gift certificate could actually buy you something--for some "mom time," "dad time," babysitting, food, or help with errands [above].

You can see why it's important to know the parents at least a little bit before giving this gift. If a random from the office offered to give my wife some bubble bath time, for example, I'd be a little creeped out.

Newborn Survival Kit, book of 5 coupons
, is available who knows where. The Anvil Paper site is wholesale. [anvilpaper, via]

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