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March 9, 2015

RIP Sesame Street Animation Pioneer Jeff Hale

There was a time when Sesame Street's classic animation sequences were hard to find, and when finding the details of their creation were even harder. In the early days, Daddy Types spent an inordinate amount of the kid's naptime...
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March 6, 2015

SPOILER ALERT -- Carroll Spinney In Big Bird Legs

Here is a vintage picture of Muppeteer Carroll Spinney with his Big Bird legs on as he performs Oscar. And now you wonder why you never see Oscar and Big Bird together. [via @gabrielroth] Another Spinney leg shot at...
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February 24, 2015

The First Production Baby, Screengrabbed

A couple of years ago Cabel Sasser wrote about Pixar's production babies, the kids born during the years-long creation of animated films, who get shoutouts in the credits. And he found evidence of what still stands as the earliest production...
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February 4, 2015

Where No Van Has Gone Before

Space. The final constraint. This 1978 GMC van was custom painted by "well known Canadian artist" G.S. Roy and remained in one Ontario family until 2012, when the current owner, a Vancouver dad, bought it. He is now selling...
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January 20, 2015

We Are Easily Amused: British Buggy Bidders Bonkers

The UK has found its next Susan Boyle, and it's a dad of three trying to unload a beat-up Phil & Ted's stroller on eBay. A viral media frenzy has eruptedover seller ukjoel25's auction, which has received 564 inquiries...
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January 19, 2015

Blurred Wonder Woman Pajamas

Let's face it, now that our entire civilization has been turned into it, one cares about the actual America's Funniest Home Videos anymore. But I very much WOULD like to see a pair of toddler-sized pajamas with a blurred...
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Elaborate Batstroller Probably Fills Emotional Voids

Of all the superhero origin stories, none capture the idea of a stable, idyllic, well-adjusted childhood quite like Batman. Which is probably why one fandad spent untold hours making this Dark Knight stroller, using only a car seat, a...
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December 11, 2014

Adventure Time Christmas Sweater. The ONE For Kids

The grown-up sized Adventure Time Christmas sweater is sold out at Forbidden Planet; the Cartoon Network is only sending them to media people they want to suck up to, like the fine folks at Anorak Magazine. But there is...
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December 9, 2014

Andy Baio's Video Game Parenting Experiment FTW

Oh man, Andy Baio just won video game parenting. If you have a kid, why not run experiments on them? It's like running experiments on a little clone of yourself! And almost always probably legal. It's disappointing how many...
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November 24, 2014

Best Alternative Baby Mama

Here is a picture of Nirvana backstage at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards, where RuPaul tries to deal with a fussy Frances Bean. And here is an interview after Nirvana won Best Alternative Video where Kurt Cobain doesn't...
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November 4, 2014

I Don't Know, It Sounds About Right

Go home Netflix you're drunk.— You had one job (@_youhadonejob) November 4, 2014...
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October 21, 2014

The Least Surprised I've Ever Been: Marcel The Shell Has New Video, Book

A new Marcel the Shell video has appeared, just in time to promote the release of Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp's new Marcel book, The Most Surprised I've Ever Been. This kind of marketing synergy works, though it would...
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October 2, 2014

Teapot Dome

via someone on Twitter, I have no idea rn....
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July 2, 2014

Street Life: A Big Bird Status, Triple Extra Large

an exhausted big bird, wheeled into his tent by sesame street toadies, no doubt to be revived by hookers and blow.— mark lamster (@marklamster) July 2, 2014 He's no Central Park Zoo Elmo, but it looks like Big...
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June 28, 2014

DT Friday Freakout: Contagion Edition

The Daddy Types Friday Freakout is apparently on summer hours: With nutritional standards based on adults from 1968, fortified cereals are not part of kids' balanced breakfast, says a study. [usatoday] The Amish were refusing vaccines before refusing vaccines was...
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June 2, 2014

Remember, It's The Cable Companies That Brought Caillou Here In The First Place

The smackdown of Caillou turns out to be only the 25th awesomest thing about John Oliver's report on how badly the cable/internet providers are going to screw us all if their gutting of net neutrality rules goes forward. Last...
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April 18, 2014

DT Friday Freakout Chocolate Edition

Here is a handy round-up of headlines from the worlds of science, health and parenting, delivered all at once to ruin, not your every waking day, but just your weekend. It's the Daddy Types Friday Freakout: Toddlers show racial bias...
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April 15, 2014

J.G. Ballard For Kids Happened, And Should Happen Again

Techno-dystopian bears aren't just for Kubrick anymore. As this cartoon from Tom Gauld's 2013 book, You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack shows. I would totally kickstart a collection of J.G. Ballard-inspired Adventures of Ballard The Bear, though. I...
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April 9, 2014

And 140 Kids Were Named Betsy

Vox is breaking some news here that more people named their kid Khaleesi after a Game of Thrones character in 2012 than named their kid Betsy. But I guess I'm surprised that at least 140 people name their kids Betsy...
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April 7, 2014

Peer Review

K2 just now:on Gilligan's Island the Professor said, "Shakespeare said it best: 'oh what a tangled web we weave.'" Did Shakespeare really say that?And as I start into my explanation of Shakespeare and how I think someone said that in...
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March 19, 2014

Up. Pat. Papers.

@patkiernan This a.m. our 19mo old tried many tactics to rouse us from bed. Here's what did it: he tugged my arm & said "Up. Pat. Papers."— Dana (@real_danimal) March 19, 2014...
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March 6, 2014

How Music For How Crayons Are Made Was Made

Now the story can be told. In 2008, Daddy Types set out to find out once and for all who composed the music on the classic Sesame Street clip, "How Crayons Are Made." What we find will not surprise...
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February 19, 2014

The World Of Sid & Mart Krofft Sounds Like It Sucked

I hated HR PufnStuf as a kid. That show creeped me out. ? f you have no idea what I'm talking about, imagine a dark, slightly sadistic, acid-laced mashup of Barney, Yo Gabba Gabba, and live action versions of...
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February 12, 2014

Flappy Bert Will Doom Us All, Starting With The Sesame People

You know the real problem with Flappy Birds wasn't everything; it was that the bird wasn't carrying a Muppet in its talons, making it 4x taller and more unwieldy. As for Sesame Workshop's problems, well. Flappy Bert [ via...
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January 25, 2014

Battle Cat Toddler Hopper

80s blogger and He-Man aficionado Shawn had a major come-to-Greyskull moment when he spotted this Masters of The Universe Battle Cat Toddler Hopper while vintage toy shopping this weekend. I confess, I've never seen anything like it. He managed...
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January 21, 2014

Dad Reality TV 360-Degrees, 24/7/365

Being a dad is like having your own reality TV show that three people are forced to watch every day.— Jonathan Gourlay (@JGourlay) January 21, 2014 Yeah, I would flip that. If you look around the room during a high-pitched...
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Cha-Chung! Law & Order Location Scout Caprice Turbo Wagon

Our Dominican brother showing us how it's done as he rolls like a boss up the West Side Highway. Let that man through! He's from the Mayor's Office of Film & Television, and he's got important Law & Order...
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January 4, 2014

Egyptian Spokespuppet Denies Being A Spokespuppet For Terrorists

"The Muppets...Tendencies towards terror?" actual caption on this image A puppet on Egyptian TV has been accused of transmitting secret messages via a Vodafone commercial to the Muslim Brotherhood, a huge political organization that was until recently running...
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January 1, 2014

Side Eye Baby Wishes You A Happy New Year

There's a kid who knows the score on childhood vaccinations givin' Jenny McCarthy and the knuckleheads at ABC the side eye. [via twitter]...
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December 24, 2013

Have Yourself A Merry PeeWee Christmas

Oh crap, I thought I'd get a little writing done while the rest of the family's at the 8th performance of The Nutcracker this year. But Andy Baio just tweeted out the link to PeeWee Herman's Christmas Special. Looks...
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December 8, 2013

I Got $20 For Lattes In My Pocket

Gentrification is real— صوفيا طارق (@SophFierce) December 8, 2013...
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December 7, 2013

Fisher-Price Meets Buy 'N Large

Sheesh. No one complained when our flip phones looked like Star Trek. Or when our iPads looked like, uh, Star Trek: The Next Generation. But let Fisher-Price design an iPad-holding infant chair that looks like Wall*E, and people start...
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November 26, 2013

Goldieblox Is The Larry Flynt Of Our Generation

image: Oh boy, it's gettin' real in the Goldieblox vs Beastie Boys media arena. Felix Salmon has an awesome column on Goldieblox, not as an empowering girl toy pioneer, but as an archetypal disruption-obsessed Silicon Valley startup.:Under what...
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November 13, 2013

This. Is. CNN's Ridiculous Paternity Leave Policy.

This case has been brewing for a couple of weeks now, but it's never too late to point out how Time Warner has bumbled its way into an unnecessarily unfair, even discriminatory parental leave policy, and the obvious, right thing...
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October 30, 2013

'Ohh You're Crying, Monkey. OK, Mommy's Done.'

This video starts out, "Mommy's gonna sing you a song. You want Mommy to sing a song, honey? Let me know how you feel about the song." Mommy is holding a video camera. Someone else is sitting silently next...
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October 17, 2013

'Do You Think They Should Make iPhone For Babies?'

Maybe if someone had told me that Peter Dinklage supports making iPhones for babies, I might have ever watched Game of Thrones. Whatever, now I'm all caught up: "MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD" EXTENDED TRAILER -- A Bad Lip Reading of...
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October 9, 2013

Incarcerate Me Elmo

Remember that crazy, marauding street hustler Elmo who shouted anti-Semitic rants at kids outside the Central Park Zoo, threatened Times Square tourists for not coughing up photo money, and then tried to extort $2 million by stalking the Girl Scouts?...
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October 6, 2013

Forget Drinking Games. Has Anyone Got Any Peppa Pig Recipes?

Has anyone got any Peppa Pig drinking games?— Joe Muggs (@joemuggs) October 6, 2013 OK I should've known the answer was yes really shouldn't I?"peppa pig drinking game"— Joe Muggs (@joemuggs) October 6, 2013 Bonus mumsnet acronym of the...
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September 20, 2013

DT Friday Freakout: Future Edition

There's less science and safety this week, but that shouldn't keep this exclusive amalgamation of headlines from ruining your weekend. It's the DT Friday Freakout: A bunch of NYC independent schools--but not all!--are saying they'll drop the E.R.B. as part...
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August 30, 2013

This Is Syria

What's gonna work? Going it alone? No....
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August 9, 2013

Brazilians' Funniest Home Videos

Tricking the kid with a Kit Kat may work once or twice, but the only longterm solution here is Limited Edition Mashed Pea & Chai Kit Kats. Available at a food merchant near you. Also, this video is totally...
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July 15, 2013

Congratulations, Babble, Disney & ABC, Measles, Mumps & Rubella

Wow, ABC, which, like Babble, is owned by Disney, has big news for fans of measles, mumps, rubella, and pertussis! Jenny McCarthy, one of America's most prominent vaccine skeptics, will join The View as a co-host. [Disclosure: I used to...
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June 27, 2013


Holy smokes, people! You saw it here first! Two years ago, when Aaralyn was just three, and her brother Izzy was only 6, their thrash metal band Murp hit YouTube with their debut single, "Don't Brush My Hair in...
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June 22, 2013

NYT: Kids Are Like Their Parents

Steve Almond "riffs" in the New York Times Magazine about how screens are warping his kid's fragile, little mind--just like television was the touchstone of his own latchkey kid youth: This is the moment we live in, the one our...
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June 19, 2013


Wow. If X were for anything besides X-rated Movie, I would pair up Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis' animated masterpiece LSD ABC with the much less trippy LDS ABC, and let the kid watch'em every day. If you're into...
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June 7, 2013

Max Headroom Alphabet On Sesame Street

What? The? Hell? Why was I not informed of this? Watching pseudo-dystopian New Coke mascot Max Headroom reciting the alphabet from the 1987 season of Sesame Street with your kid gives you the chance to explain how people once...
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June 3, 2013

NickMom Points Out Obvious

Not content with filling latenight TV with girly gossip and unfunny poo jokes, Nick Mom has decided to take on the online college course and nanny referral industries by producing pointless, viral-ready infographics. Which, you know, I just got...
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May 30, 2013

Parking Space: The Final Frontier

Which is funny, because in the alternate timeline Park Slope, it's the lack of stroller parking that's the dealbreaker. Park Slope Patrick Stewart [tumblr via our man in tumblr, dt]...
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May 16, 2013


Ogilvy Brasil is bringing the cutting edge of first world diapering technology home with this Huggies concept whereby a robotic urine sensor sends an alert to your iPhone when your kid needs a change. It's called Tweet Pee, which...
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May 2, 2013

That's 'Emmy-Nominated Fresh Beat Band' To You

Big news from the TV front this week: Kevin Clash, who has already made history as the first male professional in a major American puppeteering league to come out as gay, got nominated for two Emmy Awards. After he...
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