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April 18, 2014

WHOA, Edward Durell Stone Kids Furniture Exists

Architect Edward Durell Stone designed MoMA, the Kennedy Center, and the house next door to us on the Upper East Side, but I had no idea he ever designed kids furniture. Yet here some is. In 1969 Stone built...
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April 15, 2014

J.G. Ballard For Kids Happened, And Should Happen Again

Techno-dystopian bears aren't just for Kubrick anymore. As this cartoon from Tom Gauld's 2013 book, You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack shows. I would totally kickstart a collection of J.G. Ballard-inspired Adventures of Ballard The Bear, though. I...
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April 14, 2014

Peter Pearce Curved Space Diamond Structure, aka The Hakone Soap Bubble Castle

A couple of months of Throwback Thursdays ago Johnson Trading Gallery posted these photos to their Instagram. It's a wacked out biomorphic geodesic Habitrail of a jungle gym playground pod whatzit structure they bought on eBay. [And apparently flipped...
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April 11, 2014

'We Are Mint In Box': The A.I. Super Toy Teddy

I was kind of into it at the time, but Stanley Kubrick & Steven Spielberg's A.I. is one of those movies I just can't watch since becoming a parent. [Also on that list: Marc Forster's dystopian suburban stillbirth saga, Everything...
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March 28, 2014

Glam Rockers' Kids Always Have The Nicest Names, Songs, Palazzo Pants Photo-Ops

In June 1971, three weeks after their son Zowie was born, David and Angie Bowie took a stroll for paparazzo Ron Burton. The resulting photographs are the second coolest thing that resulted from Zowie's birth: #3 is the song...
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March 9, 2014

Maurice Sendak's Rosebud: Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Ladder

In 2008, Maurice Sendak told the NY Times about how the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, and the sensational trial that followed, freaked his 4-year-old self right out, and generated an anxious fascination with the incident for the rest of his...
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February 25, 2014

Antonio Vitali Creative Playthings Family Ahead Of Their Time

It's always nice to see an Antonio Vitali Creative Playthings family come up for sale on eBay. It's especially nice to see one come up with a superlow starting bid; it always makes for good action. And when the...
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February 19, 2014

The World Of Sid & Mart Krofft Sounds Like It Sucked

I hated HR PufnStuf as a kid. That show creeped me out. ? f you have no idea what I'm talking about, imagine a dark, slightly sadistic, acid-laced mashup of Barney, Yo Gabba Gabba, and live action versions of...
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February 18, 2014

Malebøker Is Norwegian For Coloring Books

Norske Malebøker is a gorgeous-looking anthology of vintage Norwegian picture, activity, and coloring book illustrations, assembled by Einar Økland from his own collection. 50 Watts has a typically amazing selection of images in a rich and beautiful variety of...
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February 10, 2014

More Vintage Music For Expectant Fathers

It's been quite a while since Fontanna's smooth 1957 orchestral novelty album, "Music For Expectant Fathers," first turned up on Daddy Types, but I still haven't found any audio from it. I did hear from the daughter of the guy...
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Frank Rohloff Cradle At LA Modern Auctions

This beautiful walnut cradle was made in California by Frank Rohloff. Rohloff was active in the studio furniture movement, which sought to bring classic craftsmanship together with modernist design in the 1950s. Rohloff's pieces were exhibited in shows at...
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February 7, 2014

Are You The Ciao! Manhattan Baby At Max's Kansas City?

Here is rare footage of Max's Kansas City, the Park Avenue South hangout for the New York art world in the 1960s and 70s. It was shot by David Weisman, probably in 1967, as B-roll for Ciao! Manhattan, which...
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February 4, 2014

Amazing Hippie Crochet Bunting Thing You Must Buy Now

Holy smokes, if one of you hippies doesn't buy this crocheted 70s afghan bunting at Wary Meyers today, I swear, I'm gonna buy it myself. And then I'm going to steal a baby from Trader Joe's and keep it...
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January 29, 2014

A Children's Treasury Of The Holocaust

Bedrich Fritta was a Jewish Czech artist forced to produce construction plans and diagrams for the Nazis. His son Tomas was one when the family was sent to the Theresienstadt ghetto. Bedrich made unauthorized drawings, too, documenting and criticizing...
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January 26, 2014

The Starsky & Hutch Wagon

Holy smokes, I had no idea this car existed, but now it's obvious that every station wagon should have a giant, white Starsky & Hutch stripe down the side. It's a 1973 AMC Matador Wagon, in exceptional condition, with...
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January 25, 2014

Battle Cat Toddler Hopper

80s blogger and He-Man aficionado Shawn had a major come-to-Greyskull moment when he spotted this Masters of The Universe Battle Cat Toddler Hopper while vintage toy shopping this weekend. I confess, I've never seen anything like it. He managed...
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January 19, 2014

Les Jeux d'Enfants Cookbooks By Michel Oliver

I lost this link, and then I just found it. Which is awesome, because this 1966 book, La Patissierie est un jeu d'enfants/Mkaing French Desserts & Pastries is Child's Play, written and illustrated by Michel Oliver, who was then...
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December 27, 2013

War-Ravaged England Builds Giant Dollhouse For Queen

Sometimes England is so weird. Like the time the whole place was devastated and dejected and injured and dead in the wake of World War I, and Princess Marie-Louise thought building a huge dollhouse for Queen Mary filled with...
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December 24, 2013

Have Yourself A Merry PeeWee Christmas

Oh crap, I thought I'd get a little writing done while the rest of the family's at the 8th performance of The Nutcracker this year. But Andy Baio just tweeted out the link to PeeWee Herman's Christmas Special. Looks...
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December 18, 2013

Agamben Toys

First and foremost is the awesome name, obviously. Then I guess the thing I'm thinking about as I scroll back through Agamben Toys' archive is amazement and despair at the breadth and variety of Playmobil Riot Police over the...
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One Small Buy In Now For Dad, The Moon Cars For Mankind

So think about it. In 1969-70, it was the Cultural Revolution, a wholesale disruption of the entire Chinese civilization that shipped all the city folk to scrounge for yams on dirt farms in the provinces. Meanwhile, America was not...
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November 19, 2013

Rockytoy Story

M V Gopalan founded a great wooden toy manufacturer in Madras, southern India, in 1942. It was first called Modern Agencies, but it came to be called Rockytoy because they were making rocking horses that everyone wanted. The scale of...
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'An Abstract Gets Close Scrutiny'

A photo from SFMOMA back in the day. These kids are now grown and living in the East Bay somewhere, scratching their heads at real estate prices. [promieniowanie via grupaok]...
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November 15, 2013

Ford Country Squire Dually

My gosh. A 1973 Ford Country Squire Wagon converted to a dually towing machine. With woodgrain painted--not adhered--on the side, and an American flag painted on the roof. Though honestly, with that ground clearance, who would know without Google...
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November 1, 2013

Improve Human Survival With This One Weird Evolutionary Trick!

Anthropologists from the University of Colorado noticed that in some cultures, kids never crawl; they get carried for a year, then they sit, and just start walking. And that crawling might have only evolved in the last 200-300 years,...
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October 26, 2013

Amazing Matching Burl Walnut Kids Chair

Amazing. In any realistic view of human civilization, you figure in one human life, you'll see maybe one gnarly burl kid's chair attributed to JB Blunk? Maybe? Ever? And yet, here we are less than six months later, and...
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October 11, 2013

Did You Have A Motorcycle With Training Wheels?

Kudos to the quick-thinking Mrs. Kaz for snapping a picture of this tiny chopper with training wheels that one of their neighbors had left out for bulk trash day. Judging from the wear and character of those training wheels,...
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October 1, 2013

Alexander Calder's Fables of Aesop

In 1931, Alexander Calder was at the height of his fame in Paris, known for his Cirque performances and his wire dessin portrait sculptures of his fancy friends. It was the year he began making and showing the abstract...
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September 27, 2013

Mormon Prune Crate Play Furniture Was A Communist Plot

We're making progress on the vintage Mormon Sunday School Nursery play furniture plans I posted a little while ago. I recently found an earlier edition of the teachers' manual, called Sunday Morning in the Nursery, that dated from 1949,...
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September 23, 2013

Is This The Only Kid-Size Honey-Pop Chair Tokujin Yoshioka Ever Made?

Throw a rock in a Buy Buy Baby, and you'll probably hit someone who rejects cardboard kid furniture for being too flimsy and ephemeral. But there are also those who say that cardboard's too durable and strong. I mean,...
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September 20, 2013

What The Frick Kids Rode: Taxidermy Rocking Bunny

It was #AskACurator Day on Twitter this week, where 26,000 people asked a thousand curators from 581 museums around the world what their favoritest, weirdest thing in their collection was. And for the folks at The Frick Pittsburgh, it...
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September 16, 2013

Aunt Edna Not Included: 1971 Ford Country Squire Seats Ten

This 1971 Ford Country Squire wagon is a California blue plate special in beautiful-looking condition. It features top-of-the-line woodgrain side paneling [and matching woodgrain look on the roof rack] over original paint in a color the factory once called...
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September 13, 2013

Make Your Own Fun [ADVANCED LEVEL]

Creative Playthings Melt Art set was literally a box of crayons and a hot plate. No, seriously: That's like Brick-on-a-String level of make-your-own-fun-somehow. Vintage Melt Art by Creative Playthings NIB, 1st bid $12.99+ 5.75 s/h, auction ends Sept 16...
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September 11, 2013

Creative Playthings Brick-on-a-String

After the corporate takeover of Creative Playthings, executives at CBS did try to stay true to the simple, imagination-fueling design principles the toy company had pioneered. But between the knockoffs and the red diaper nanny staters starting the CPSC,...
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September 9, 2013

Ur-Riding Ladybug From Steiff?

Well this is interesting. This pair of vintage plush riding toys coming to auction in New Jersey is attributed to Steiff. I've never seen anything like them, but I know someone who has: the designer of the Wheely Bug...
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1985 Honda Civic WagoVan Survivor

Admittedly, it's a pretty short list, but the 1985 Civic WagoVan with the wacky rear windows and the AWD is one of my all-time favorite Hondas. That you could get in the US. It was designed to hold five...
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September 4, 2013

Creative Playthings Whale Puppet FTW

Alright, it's only been a few months, but I think this project is coming together very nicely. We'll put the 50-ft wolf puppet sculpture on top of a mountain. The giant duck puppet sculpture can go in Hong Kong....
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August 12, 2013

One Of One? Kid-Size Talbot Lago

Wow, I don't know if this kid-size Talbot Lago Grand Prix racer from 1950 really is the only one ever made, or even if it runs. But if it gets anywhere near the crazy estimate the auctioneers in Pebble...
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August 2, 2013

Ikea Dollhouse Furniture Exists

Doesn't it seem weird that Ikea hasn't had doll house furniture all along? I mean, think about it. Anyway, they have it now. It's in the new catalogue. One room's worth, four pieces. It looks pretty pointless. On the...
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July 24, 2013

Nissan Van Avoided The Crusher, Ends Up On Craigslist

In the thick of minivan-mania, Nissan brought its most Darth Vaderish offering, the 2nd generation Vanette to the US, and outfitted it with food warmers, fridges and icemakers and such. Because that's how we rolled in 1987, living in...
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July 23, 2013

Bozart Boom: Three Kaleidoscope Dollhouses For Sale Out There

Dust off your credit scores and fire up the pre-approved mortgages, because the Bozart Kaleidoscope dollhouse market is ROARING BACK, people. Not that anything's reaching the crazy speculative heights of the pre-2008 doll real estate bubble, of course. But there...
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July 5, 2013

Kouenji Rocking Skull

So we were wandering through Kouenji, just outside Shinjuku, when we came across a strip of American vintage and antique stores. I can't tell if this human skull painted with what look like someone's drag racing livery was attached...
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June 18, 2013

From The Department Of Bad Ideas: Spring-Mounted Cradle

90-year-old David Resnick ran an outfit called United Inventors and Scientists which loved to help inventors. In fact, he helped the inventor of this spring-mounted cradle right out of the photo, and right out of the 1974 LA Times...
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June 14, 2013

If This Van's A Rockin' It Could Be Naptime

Whenever DT wanders from the strictly pre-school-sized pedal car beat and toward the big kid go-karts, there's always a good reason. Or at least a reason that seemed good at the time. So I can see how a vintage...
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June 7, 2013

Max Headroom Alphabet On Sesame Street

What? The? Hell? Why was I not informed of this? Watching pseudo-dystopian New Coke mascot Max Headroom reciting the alphabet from the 1987 season of Sesame Street with your kid gives you the chance to explain how people once...
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June 4, 2013

Veritable Blogload Of Kids Chairs Being Auctioned At Wright20 This Week

Way back in 2001, before a molded ply Eames kids chair was even a twinkle in my eye, Patrick Parrish was amassing a remarkable collection of kid chairs. He's shown the collection only a couple of times, once back in...
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June 2, 2013

Duck Puppet No Wolf Puppet

I can't really imagine blowing this up into an instantly iconic sculpture 50-foot tall, but this Creative Playthings duck puppet is funny-looking. OK, I could be wrong. Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman, in Hong Kong Harbor. image: cnn vintage...
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May 28, 2013

Orbis Sensualium Pictus, The First Picture Book For Kids

Did you know that the first picture book designed for children was published in 1658? I did not. Orbis Sensualium Pictus, or The Visible World in Pictures, was published in Nuremburg by the Czech educator Comenius. Originally in German and...
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Quel Sougez! OG French Kids Photobooks

Emmanuel Sougez was a pioneering French photographer who created two of the earliest children's books to use photography. Regarde! « Mes photos » and Alphabet were published in 1931 and 1932, respectively. Regarde! was basically a photo album of...
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May 24, 2013

OG Vinyl: 1971 Ford LTD Country Squire

Keeping with the luscious woodgrain theme here on Daddy Types, check out this total stunner of a station wagon, a 1971 Ford LTD Country Squire with a mere 60,000 miles. It's being sold by GR Auto Gallery in Grand...
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