July 5, 2015


Not that you should plan for it, of course, but it's nice to know that if you did forget about her, an Octopus Mini Lilo can keep your 10-month-old afloat a kilometer out to sea until the coast guard picks her up.

Baby rescued 1km out to sea after parents forgot about her [independent via dt reader nathan]
Octopus Mini Lilo, £4.37 [amazon.co.uk]

July 1, 2015

Oh there are so many ways to parse this story about Amber Pangborn, who gave birth to her daughter Marisa alone in the forest. Where she was stranded out of gas. And attacked by placenta-hunting bees, And started a forest fire to get attention. But this seems like it belongs farther up in the article:

Pangborn's mother, Dianna Williams, told the L.A. Times that her nine-months-pregnant daughter went to a casino on Wednesday to visit a friend and get a respite from the hot temperatures. Pangborn, she said, was also hoping to induce labor.

After visiting the casino, she decided to head home, but she turned on the wrong road and ran out of gas, her mother said. She was forced to give birth to her baby in the forest.

She was nine months pregnant, and drove on an empty tank of gas to the casino to induce labor. Yess go on.

Woman gives birth, fights off bees, starts wildfire in Northern California [latimes]

June 28, 2015


We are on a road trip, and have spent the last week visiting with family in Orange County, Newport Beach, to be precise. Which has presented many opportunities to explain to the kids that Rolls Royces and Bentleys used to come from the same company, and that they were very fancy, and handbuilt cars of some rarity and prestige. And now they are ridiculous embarrassments of bad taste, bought by people who literally have too much money and too little sense for how to spend it well. So it's been a disheartening exercise.

The appearance of this 1968 Silver Shadow shooting brake thus comes at an excellent time, and it reminds us of an age gone by, when people with too much money did have some sense for how to spend it, and so they made station wagons out of unchanging Rolls Royce Silver Shadows and drove them across the lawns and fields of their hunting estates. Those were good times.

Blenheim Palace auction, 11 July 2015, Lot 217 - 1968 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow "Shooting Brake", [improbably est.] £48,000 - £60,000 [coys.co.uk via dt shooting brake analyst dt]

Previously, just one of many: The Station Wagons Of Rolls Royce Not Exactly The Rolls Royces Of Station Wagons


I'd seen the link to this before, but hadn't clicked through until dt reader Erik sent it along tonight. Photographer James Mollison has traveled the world to show what playgrounds look like, or more precisely, to show what masses of kids photoshopped to fill empty spaces look like.

For instance, though it appears to be a deleted Agent Smith fight scene from Matrix: Revolutions, this school in the UK uses its courtyard to deliver beatings and tauntings that will prepare boys for careers at sea. Rum, sodomy and the lash and all that, I guess. Cheerio!

James Mollison's Playground is an exhibition and a photobook by Aperture [aperture.org]
What Playgrounds Look Like Around The World [wired via dt reader erik]

June 25, 2015


Basically this Cubs fan's catch of a side-retiring foul ball was so awesome that while the Dodgers were demanding a player interference ruling, the crowd was going wild reviewing the tape. He and his 7mo accomplice were allowed to stay.

Fan Makes Amazing Catch While Holding Sleeping Baby At Cubs Game [wgntv]

June 23, 2015

Are not out there yet, but they definitely should be. Someone get on it please.

LOL there goes that million-dollar bizness idea. As the URL shows, when I first linked to this Fusion story, the headline was "Confederate Flag Sales up 2305% on Amazon." And now it's Reuters reporting that Amazon will stop selling Confederate Flag merchandise.

June 20, 2015


Renate Müller is still alive and awesome, and for the last few years R&Co. in NYC has been bringing new creations by Müller alongside her pioneering East German-era designs.

This is a play sculpture R&Co. are showing at Design Miami/Basel in Basel this week. There are storage and new stuffed jute animals and objects at R&Co's site, too. [via @sarafitzmaurice]

Renate Müller objects [r-and-company.com]

June 16, 2015

June 12, 2015


Speaking of clay, here are some Mad Max Fury Road My Little Ponies.

Mad Max Fury Road Ponies [savethewailes via dt reader jp]

June 11, 2015


Barbapapa, the iconic and friendly French Jabba The Hutt, lives with all his ancillary characters in some kind of Pierre Cardin-lookin' bubblehouse. Which you can buy, but why would you, when you can make your own Barbapapa house out of balloons and papier mache and time?


And then instead of buying dolls, just make them out of Sculpey! It's what the folks at the turn-a-book-into-a-bloggable-creative-project blog Play By The Book did, and no one seems to have choked on anything.

Playing By The Book: Barbapapa [playingbythebook.net via things]

June 9, 2015


Many of these old-timey ads have been circulating on the webWTF for years, but they're always worth revisiting. And I hadn't seen this Black Flag DDT ad before. Or the thalidomide ad either; that is one for the history books: For a barbiturate and hypnotic your kid can accidentally OD on with complete safety, try Distaval™ today!

More fun is to try and guess what totally uncontroversial products and parenting practice will make us look like barbarian idiots fifty years from now. My guess is oil.


Also, why do we not have vitamin-fortified donuts?

Inappropriate Vintage Ads For Children [awkwardfamilyphotos via dt godfather rolf]
Previously: Plastic Bag Not A Toy [Anymore]

June 7, 2015


An exhibition of 1960s modernist toy designs by Roger Limbrick. Patrick Rylands, Fredun Shapur, and Ken Garland, has opened in London. "play: toys, sets, rules" includes some "extraordinarily generous, humane and beautiful objects" which grew out of their designers' "radical project to transform social life by altering two of its fundamental categories, education and work." These objects, write the curator/designers from system, are "now largely forgotten."

Well. play seems to be the first project for systems, whose members all seem too young to have forgotten anything. I'd call it a mix of great-looking classics and unknowns. The show includes icons like Limbrick's original 1963 Open Side Dolls' House [above], which was first produced in the UK by Galt Toys, and which was distributed in the US by Creative Playthings.


And there are these slot-together chair and stool prototypes Ken Garland made in 1965. Called Plytek, they look like a Pop reimagining of Hans Wegner's Peters Chair & Table. Or maybe Wegner's 1944 wedged mortise & tenon design had been long forgotten by then.


Anyway, it all looks fantastic, and there's apparently a documentary in the works, too, so stay tuned.

play: toys, sets, rules runs through July 6, 2015, at the Walter Knoll space in Charterhouse Square, London [systemsproject.co.uk via dezeen]


Lullatone, the Nagoya-based music family of Yoshimi and Shawn James Seymour, have released the final EP in their seasons-based set, "The Sounds of Spring." It's as great as ever.

Until I read this little interview, I'd forgotten that Seymour had recorded part of one of their earliest EPs in the hospital while waiting for their first kid to be born. Guess that's just how relaxed and easy-listenin' childbirth in Japan is!

Our kids play Lullatone's Dropophone app on iPhones and iPads all the time, but I think we'll need to load up some more albums from the backlist for our cross-country roadtrip this summer. They'll be as good for napping as they are for playing.

Interview: Lullatone
"Waking Up on a Picnic Blanket"
Download The Sounds of Spring EP from Lullatone [lullatone.bandcamp.com]

June 2, 2015


I'm still fighting off the chills from reading a review of Bill Martin & Eric Carle's childhood classic, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, which was posted only yesterday, while the world was distracted by Caitlin Jenner.

If the animals were looking at the children this whole time, why don't they say so? When the bear was asked what he saw, he mentioned only the bird. When the bird was asked what she saw, she mentioned only the duck. Every single character in the book is looking at the children and yet every single one refuses to admit that they see them. It's only the authority figure who has the courage to acknowledge their presence.

How scared must the characters be to live in unified submissive silence? The children have complete control, for they not only know everything about the world the characters inhabit, but they also have the power to destroy that world (as many of this book's youngest readers undoubtedly have).

It is the proverbial bear who is not to be poked. But through the bear's opening omission we learn that even he is too scared of the children to publicly acknowledge that he's aware of their existence. The more important answer to this book's opening question is not that the brown bear sees the red bird. It's that he also sees the omniscient, omnipotent children, but is too terrified to say so.

But they know that he knows.

I urge everyone to read the rest now. Hurry, we only have hours, or maybe a couple of days, before the bulk metadata surveillance dragnet starts sweeping again, and then they'll know that you clicked through the Daddy Types Amazon Associates link, and the tiny kickback from your diaper order could be considered material support! Fight the power!

Who Watches The Watchers? An Amazon Review of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? [amazon via dt comrade nathan]
Previously, but still cracking myself up: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Communists! [dt youtube]
[image: eric carle print flannel detail from etsy, sold out because eric carle]

May 30, 2015


This would be a legitimately cool dollhouse, btw. If Barry McGee or some Anorak Magazine illustrator hasn't already done it, I'd say you have a project a'waiting.

May 26, 2015


We need this right now. This ADO dollhouse sitting room set was designed by Ko Verzuu sometime around 1926-32. I saw it on aapc, but now it's gone. I'm leaving this photo and a link to an old Gemeentemuseum exhibition to carry on.

UPDATE: It's back on aapc. Thanks for the heads up, Andrew.

Oh, here's the whole set in one slideshow from the CODA Museum.

It's much fancier than the dollhouse Verzuu made for the daughter of the director general of ADO.

ADO-poppenkamer met zitkamer [collectiegelderland.nl]
XXSmall | Poppenhuizen en meer in miniatuur 12-nov-2011 to 25-mrt-2012 [gemeentemuseum.nl]
Previously, related: Ko Verzuu made this dollhouse

How was your weekend? Mine was OK! I was going to start blogging again, and then I saw that ThinkGeek is being acquired by Hot Topic for $122 million, and now I have to go re-evaluate all my previous ThinkGeek- and Hot Topic-related coverage. And also my life choices.

Hot Topic enters agreement to buy ThinkGeek parent company Geeknet Inc [arstechnica]

May 20, 2015


If only the giant handpainted sunflower were on the other side, this 1986 Volvo 240 DL Wagon would be the perfect carpool dropoffmobile.

But since our car has been sideswiped twice in the last four months in that exact spot, I fear parking this Volvo on our street would just be inviting trouble.

As for the rest of it, though, low miles, clean body, and not too much known about the interior and mechanicals, and no reserve price, it could be very interesting.

CA 1986 Volvo 240DL wagon Auto Original 75,100 miles Original Beauty NO RESERVE, current bid $1088, auction ends May 26 UPDATE: sold for $3703. [ebay]

Golden State Warrior/MVP Steph Curry brought his daughter to the post-playoff game press conference last night,

which prompted older, whiter, doughier men with less game who just wanted to get their quote and get home to make fun of her. Shoutout to SportsCenter for taking the high, historic road, though, with this shot of Steph hanging with his dad, Dell, who played for Charlotte:

Video: Steph Curry Has A Great Sports Baby [deadspin]

May 18, 2015

FAO Schwarz, the toy brand that wouldn't die, will close its Fifth Avenue store this summer, and it's not coming back. Tourist mobs should be able to find it again next year somewhere near Times Square, possibly in a vast sketchy sunken plaza retail space that used to house fourth tier theme restaurant Mars 2000, and, I believe, a cramped and convoluted Equinox gym.

The zombie brand, which has always been subject to the dual whims of imaginary upscale nostalgia and real estate, went bankrupt most recently in 2009, after which its assets, intellectual and otherwise, were absorbed by Toys R Us. TRU, which itself was taken private by Bain Capital and KKR, have been developing FAO into an in-house brand, while waiting out the 2017 expiration of its Fifth Avenue lease. [I keep wanting to type 'flagship,' but can you have a flagship if you only have one store? I am skeptical.]

FAO Schwarz's Manhattan Store to Close in July as Rents Rise [bloomberg]
Previously: The Daddy Types timeline of FAO Schwarz bankruptcies, store closures, relocations, and buyouts

May 15, 2015

That's Cleveland dad Dave Love singing to his son. [@DaveLoveUCD via @deray]

The New Yorker reports from the playground:

SARA: Hey, look who just walked in.

ANNA: Where?

SARA: Over there, by Nanny Alley.

ANNA: Oh boy.

SARA: Stay-at-home Hottie McBjörn.

ANNA: Daddy's home.

SARA: Daddy's home, all right.

Playground Purgatory [newyorker]

May 13, 2015


The tricky part is that curling parents often wear the same outfits as their exact opposites, the parents who drop their kids at the pool and disappear for hours at a time, which we call "golf parents"

May 12, 2015


Malarko Editions has made these three-color screen printed kids t-shirts with a walking poo on them in "super limited edition." Because if there's one thing you don't want to see walking toward you on the street, it's a poo.

Shirts will fit kids from ages 1-8yo, as long as 1-2yos wear the 3-4y size like a dress or large poo tunic, or as they say in England, a poonic.

Walking Poo Kids Tee, £19.00 + shipping, &c. [malarkoeditions via anorak]

Dad, Chloe, happy flight attendant, via globalnews.ca

There's too much to love about the story of the kid born on the Air Canada flight from Calgary to Tokyo to be upset about it for long.

Let's start with the report that the 23yo mom did not know she was pregnant, just thought she had a little gas from time to time.

And that she apparently told her 25yo baby daddy bf on the plane, "something just fell out of me," which is something you'd expect an overhead bin to say, not the woman giving birth in the seat next to you.

And then there's the immigration lawyer interviewed by the CBC who says that in addition to Canadian citizenship, little Chloe--doing fine, btw, also, they did manage to come up with a name pretty quickly--"could be eligible for American citizenship if she was born above Hawaii."


Which, wow, look at this map, it could really happen, Chloe might be as Canadian-American as Ted Cruz!

Canadian woman gives birth on Air Canada flight from Calgary to Japan [globalnews.ca]
B.C. woman, who gave birth on flight didn't know she was pregnant [cbc.ca]

May 11, 2015

A quote from Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,:

"That is no excuse. I am extremely disappointed. You need to figure out where your priorities are. We're changing the world and changing history, and you either commit or you don't." -- an anonymous Tesla employee recalling an e-mail from Musk after missing an event to witness the birth of his child.
An "event"? What even is that? Like an offsite? A company softball game? Elon Musk needs a few people around him who can tell him that changing the world and/or history is not incompatible with attending to the birth of one's own child.

The 22 most memorable quotes from the new Elon Musk book, ranked [washpost]
Pre-order/buy Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, for around $21 at Amazon [amazon]

May 10, 2015


The idea for Mamava portable breastpumping cabins came from a 2006 New York Times story about how hard it is for non-white-collar moms to find time to pump breast milk at work.Years of design, testing, and bootstrapping startup ups and downs later, it is here, and it is awesome. Every place of work should have one, and artists could be commissioned to decorate the ones that are not sponsored.

On Breast Milk and High-Impact Journalism [nyt]
Mamava [mamava.com]

May 7, 2015


I don't know exactly how the forces operating in my life conspired to keep me unaware of this situation that went down last fall. But they did. And now I must inform you that you only have 2.5 days for your under-1yo to transform an exorbitantly expensive luxury good into a priceless Mother's Day heirloom/photo-op prop. And sorry, Hermes bag has already been done, so don't even think about it.

May 5, 2015


Writer Gabriel Roth was reading Alfie books to his 3yo daughter when he got sandbagged by Death, which made a surprise appearance in the story:

Children have to find out about death at some point. It's a cognitive milestone, like naming colors or counting to 10, only horrible. I don't know how I had hoped the conversation would go, but I would have liked to be a bit more prepared. Even five minutes reading parenting blogs would have helped.
Roth manages to come up with a good selection of storybooks that help kids understand at least the concept of death. But he missed "And People?" [slate]
Wait, $38-102? How is The Dead Bird not in print?? [amazon]
Previous Dead Bird coverage: Margaret Wise Brown was as wack as she was prolific

May 3, 2015


One of Amanda Moore's photos of National Guard troops in the Penn North neighborhood of Baltimore went viral Friday. It shows a soldier leaning against a wall of fresh riot shields, smiling as a toddler kneels down to play with a glowstick. It would be a lot more heartening if, instead of being lost in the kid's adorable curiosity, he was making sure his loaded assault rifle wasn't pointed at her.

The kid appears in another of Moore's photos, where she is joined by a couple of other kids and a mother or caregiver, on a tiny field trip to see the strange-looking white men who have appeared in their neighborhood overnight, covered in weapons and backpacks.

This is Baltimore [mandawritesthings via

May 2, 2015

Here is a mom who's trying to run away from brands, but I think she's really trying to run away from herself:

I couldn't resist buying her a cheap nylon set of Wonder Woman PJs, cape and all. Then I bought her a pair of Nike tennis shoes, conspicuous "swoosh" and all. I felt bad but also simply had to buy the Keith Haring-branded leggings, although I felt that Keith Haring himself would have been somewhat ambivalent if he had known he was designing baby gear from the grave. "Me too, Keith," I thought as I paid for the leggings, throwing in the matching t-shirt, the words "Dance All Day" across the front, right above Mr. Haring's iconic signature.

But it quickly gets worse once you invite the brands in the front door, and now I am powerless to stop it. I don't even care, I sometimes tell myself. About a month ago, on a rare trip to Target, we purchased a tiny Frozen coloring book for Zelda.

I say let it go.

My Daughter, Brand Amabassador [theawl]

April 30, 2015


April 28, 2015

This seems like an important life skill, in its own way:

When [Saul] Bellow's son Greg was 2, Mr. Leader writes, "Bellow taught him to point first to his ass, then to his elbow, declaring him 'Smarter than most Harvard graduates.'"
As it turns out, Greg Bellow wrote a memoir of his life with his father. It came out last year.

Review | Zachary Leader's The Life of Saul Bellow: To Fame and Fortune [nyt via @caleb_crain]
Saul Bellow's Heart: A Son's Memoir [amazon]


I know what you're thinking, because I thought it, too: John Stamos brought the kid to see Rebecca Romijn-Stamos on the set of an X-Men movie. But not only is that not Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, that's not even John Stamos.

It's other blue model Stella Tennant, wearing random Italian couture in a Steven Meisel photoshoot for Italian Vogue, March 1999, more than a year before there even was an X-Men movie.

Anyway, I can't tell if that's actually Tennant's kid and baby daddy, or if they're just props, but this totally random umbrella stroller sure makes me marvel at the sad state of It Strollers before the Bugaboo came along. Truly it was a different age.

Steven Meisel | Stella Tennant | Vogue Italia Mar 1999 [tumblr thanks dt reader erica]
Also the Romijn-Stamoses didn't even have kids [wikipedia]

April 26, 2015


This is Devin Allen's photo of a Baltimore dad holding his son at a protest march Thursday against the police officers involved in the post-arrest violence and death of Freddie Gray.

I'd like to think that this kid will grow up not having any unaccountable deaths of black men at the hands of the police to march against, and that he'll have to learn about it from his dad and the history books instead. But that future seems a long way off right now.

bydvnlln's instagram via fusion
These are the most striking pictures of the Freddie Gray protests in Baltimore [fusion.net]

April 24, 2015

Maybe someone can set up a playdate for the $80/week formula, make sure I can return your birthday gift for cash parents with this guy, who has turned his kid's butt into an ATM dispensing 100-yuan notes. [via kottke]

April 23, 2015


More news from England, that just happens to be America:

Lately I find that I leave things alone for a few days, see if they remain interesting. And then I decide whether to post them. It gives time for the reddit to fill up with tasty upvoted comments, and for the facebook outrage machine to complete its cycle.

And I'm glad I waited here, because the Daily Mirror already had to change their headline, which originally said a bossy mom was demanding expensive gifts, when the email was clearly signed by both parents.

But they still haven't changed the expensive gift part, even though the instructions are just for specific random junk from Walmart and Ikea.

Also, they're only "demanding" the stuff from family. Probably the grandparents. Which, there's a history we're not seeing in this email?

But. 1) Why does formula cost $80/week, are there other babies around? Because now the kid's one; switch to regular milk? 2) The no book except the Cheerios book thing is legitimately heartbreaking. 3) I really do not think that monogrammed items are "the number one thing leading to kidnappings." Is there data on that? I doubt it. Also, the kid is one. He's too small for the ballpit at Ikea. Which city street or mall are you letting him wander unattended in?

Anyway, the point is, people get whipped up about stuff when they write emails, when they're dealing with their parents and in-laws, and when they're planning the kid's first birthday party. [Which is a total parent party in the first place, as the kid literally has no idea.]

And people get whipped up online, and it's cheap and easy, but ultimately kind of pointless.

Most Demanding 1st Birthday Party Invite Ever [reddit]
Parents demand expensive gifts for child in bossy birthday party invitation


A woman and a pram were swallowed up by what's being called a 'sinkhole' on a London street today, but if you look at the Instagram pictures by eyewitness kskittenkat, you'll see it's actually a cellar door that had been covered with pavers and, what, like a sheet of plywood? Who laid that sidewalk? Just incredibly stupid.

Anyway, now that we know the victims are shaken, but alright, we need to know about the pram. And once again, social media exposes another tragic embarrassment: I still haven't created a daddytypes Instagram account.

Woman 'disappears' into a hole in the pavement in London [mashable]

April 20, 2015


It's 1970, you're 23, living in a studio in the suburbs of Geneva with your wife, your applications for larger apartments are thrown in the garbage because of a citywide housing crisis, and your kid's on the way. What do you do?


If you answered, "Oh, I just ask some utopian architects to build me a concrete shell bubble with a window and a skylight, which we'll hang off our window in the dead of night, and which will hang over the entrance to our building, and we'll just let the kid sleep in there," you're either delusional, Marcel Lachat, or both.


And yet here we are. Lachat's "La Bulle Pirate," aka the Pirate Bubble, was designed by concrete shell pioneers Pascal Haüsermann and Jean-Louis Chanéac, and was outfitted with the same ticky-tacky curtains and wicker bassinet you'd find in any Swiss nursery. There are shelves for toys and books, and a little closet nook with adorable sandals and outfits in it.

Julien Donada's short 2010 film includes an unusually comprehensive photo documentation of the making and installation of la Bulle Pirate. Which, a viewer only learns from a passing comment, was only up for five weeks.

When the media storm broke over his unauthorized addition, Lachat argued he wasn't the only one flouting housing and zoning regulations, just the most up front about it. Housing authorities quickly found his little family a larger apartment.

In the mid-2000s la Bulle Pirate when on public display, to remind the orderly Swiss that you can jump the line and get what you want by embarrassing bureaucrats and dangling your baby and a 600-lb cement blob over the heads of your neighbors.


April 18, 2015

I hadn't heard Jeff Cohen's 2012 radio interview with his daughters about the disastrous haircut the 5yo performed on the 3yo's head, but it's fantastic. I might even listen to it again right now. [3min later] YEP, still great!

And while I'm stoked that Cohen got a book deal out of it, and that Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER! came out last year, and sounds like it captures the story so well, and even though Harper Collins Children's imprint has advertised on Daddy Types before, and I'm grateful, hoo boy.

The idea of reading a kid an endearing, engrossing story about a horrific haircut seems like an INCALCULABLY HUGE MISTAKE. How can it NOT be planting the seed for a haircut adventure? It might as well come packaged with two little sets of scissors!

Maybe keep this story for yourself, and back Cohen's podcast Kickstarter or something instead? Just thinking out loud here.

Two Little Girls Explain The Worst Haircut Ever [beta.prx.org]
buy Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER!, maybe not for the kids [amazon]


So far the Language Log folks at UPenn have not found an explanation for why the pregnant lady graphic on this Korean train priority seating plaque has wifi.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Korean signmakers expect every fetus to be taking in utero cram courses to prep for their preschool exams.

Pre-Natal Wi-Fi [languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu]

April 17, 2015

So I've already ruined the first kid by showing her Star Wars way too early, and she freaked out at the spooky cantina scene, and has never come back. K2's more into it, though.

I believe in Rod Hilton's Machete Order for viewing Star Wars: IV, V, II, III, VI. But we just haven't ever gotten around to buying the prequels, and so the no one's seen past Empire Strikes Back yet.

Which I completely forgot when I, in an adrenalin rush, showed K2 the new Star Wars VII trailer.

Cut to Darth's mangled mask. "WAIT, HE DIES??"


WHOA MINDBLOWING GIRLS UPDATE: OK, DT reader Kelli just blew my mind and but the whole Machete Order thing into question by sending a link to Amy's discussion of girls and Star Wars and Episode I. Can having a female character do more than swoon, get pregnant and die overcome the embarrassing minstrel show that is Jar-Jar Binks and the shaved Ewok blight that is young Annikin? I believe it can. Amazing.

Star Wars and my girls [angrychicken via dt hero kelli]

April 15, 2015


The Food Non Food department of the Design Academy Eindhoven picked up and moved to Milan for Salone 2015, and their exhibition program about the cycle that keeps living things alive is called Eat Shit. I don't know if they pronounce DAE like "die," but if they do, their hashtag has already won Milano.


Darunee Terdtoontaveedej tweeted a photo of an awesome toy industrial pig farm/slaughterhouse [above], designer as yet unidentified. I'd worry that the piglets, the chainsaws, and some of the cuts of meat might pose a choke hazard, so no unsupervised play.

The best pic I've seen yet is from the run-up, where department chair Marije Vogelzang announced the show by screenprinting the logo, an impressionistic portrait of the poo emoji, on her kid's pants [top]. And during the exhibition you, too, can screenprint the logo on a garment of your choice, for just 5 euro. What can I say, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Marije Vogelzang on Shit, Food Non Food and Why Food Is the Most Important Material In the World [thisismold via @annegalloway]

April 14, 2015


Moooi is launching a bunch of merch at the Milan thing this week, including this limited edition, rhinestone-covered rocking unicorn by Marcel Wanders. Called Arion--which, be sure you hit that ON in there, otherwise, kind of awkward--I assume they're made by chopping the legs off a very select group of people's grandmothers' dining tables.

It really is an embarrassing object about which Dezeen will only have good things to say, since they've just launched a year-long PR project with Moooi.

Moooi unveils 2015 furniture
and homeware collection

April 10, 2015


Brenda Ann Kenneally apparently took this photo in Miami in the early 1990s, which means this dad was either 20 years behind or ahead of the curve, and this kid is now in college, and just bumped the "Signed by Warhol at the bookstore" baby out of the top spot on the DT Where Are They Now? list.

See What Vintage Miami Was Like [time via @johnpowersus]

It's the Daddy Types Friday Freakout, a roundup of headlines from the worlds of health, science, and parenting, bottled up and delivered all at once to ruin your weekend instead of your entire week:

  • A survey found 10% of the breast milk bought online was cut with cow's milk up to 10%. [nih via npr]

  • A survey also found that none of the breast milk bought online arrived frozen, and half arrived above refrigerated temperature (4C/39F). [same]

  • A survey also found that 75% of breast milk bought online was contaminated with bacteria. [npr, 2013]

  • A survey of the doctors who worked on the survey of buying breast milk online would probably find that they would recommend against buying from an unknown or unscreened source. [just guessin']

  • I will tell you what freaks ME out: a giant Sabra hummus recall because of listeria. We are definitely buying local for the time being. [check your sku atfda; via reuters/huffpo via someone on twitter, freaking me out]

  • Purvi Patel was sentenced to 20 years in prison for "feticide" in Indiana. She had a miscarriage about 30 weeks into her pregnancy. [washpost]

April 8, 2015


Sadly, we've seen this before. After her show stopped production, Dora became a dirt punk, living on Avenue C with her monkeydog and backpack. Most of her residuals from reruns go for her habit, but at least she doesn't have to turn tricks for frat bros from Rutgers for cash. [via my twitter feed this morning]

Inside The Nick Jr Actors' Studio
That Guy From Blues Clues Totally Dodged A Baby Bullet
"I Hog The Ground" Video By Steve & Steven: Great Ideas From, For Noggin

April 7, 2015

When we look for videos on how to pull out a loose tooth, we find a six year old YouTube video about a guy who attached his kid's tooth to a model rocket.

And most of us think, WTF is wrong with people, just get over here and I'll pull it out. Some of us think, WTF, just let it fall out on its own. Here, eat some pudding.

And a very few guys'll think, how I can get 3 million views? And they will set up their slomo and GoPro cameras on a mini motorcycle and fabricate a whole narrative arc, and all but add a shoutout to the Tooth Fairy to subscribe to their kids' YouTube channel.

And some preacher livin' the Swagger Wagon dream will turn it into a family project, and after dinner they'll all head out to the driveway, where their teen driver needs seven tries to gently coax the tooth out of the kid's head with the Camry. Of course there's a royalty-free guitar solo soundtrack.

And then some dude'll be like, here hold the phonecam honey, and he'll jump in his hashtag Camaro and hop down the street 20 feet, and then start working the crowds in the comments like a busker at a street fair.

This is just where we are right now as a tooth-pull-viral-video-making civilization.

Tooth pulling via #camaro [rob venomous's youtube]
2009: How to pull out a tooth with a rocket... [bradley harris's youtube]
2011: mini motorcycle tooth pull [rubyandroan's youtube]
How to pull out a loose tooth with a car
[noel jesse heikkinen's youtube]

April 6, 2015

"Diesel named his new baby Pauline." is the last line of this story. [p6]

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