November 13, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, Vol X.3 - Etc

Here's the info stuff from the blog round-up:

  • So parents [Swedish dads, New York moms] taking their kids into prison with them? wtf? [bloggingbaby]
  • Beth of Blogging Baby flew solo with the kid and did just fine, thanks. She had praise for the carseat-backstrap and Northwest Airlines flight attendants. [Dutch, on the other hand, has three snaps and a uh-uhhhh! for the bitches of Northwest. And for the women, too.]
  • Ask Google about dad stats and Google answers at length. Interesting and official. [via rebeldad, who's cited, btw]
  • Peldi took a baby massage class so you don't have to. Read his 15 easily disseminated steps in 2 minutes, 1/30th of the time it took him to sit through it. [patatamonkey]

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