June 30, 2004

Jew Havin' A Baby?

yiddish_cat_in_the_hat.gifChosenCouture.com, the makers of the Yo Semite! and Jews for Jeter t-shirts, also offer a few gift ideas for the new dad. You don't need to be Jewish to appreciate them (although for one, you do need to be a boy):
- Di Kats Der Payats, The Cat in The Hat in Yiddish. ($15)

- Mazel Tov enamel cufflinks ($28)

- The Bris Kit, from Mookie & Scrunchie ($130) "The birth of a baby is such an exciting and overwhelming time in parents' lives. The last thing one wants to do is scramble for the necessities for a bris." No kidding. By all means, cool, calm and collected for the bris. [via Cool Hunting]

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