October 26, 2006

More Black/White Twins Born To Bi-Racial Parents

Stories about multi-racial couples having one-white/one-black twins used to be a rarity in the news. But now they're as common as kids stuck in vending machines. Also ubiquitous: lame "Ebony & Ivory" references.
No Kidding! They're Twins! [nypost via gawker]
I swear, it was funny in February: One is black and one is white, Life's an Eskimo Pie, let's take a bite! [dt]

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Friends of ours always said that they wanted to adopt a Japanese boy and name him Shaniqua and a black girl named Toshihiro. That way they could say "These are our children, Shaniqua and Toshihiro" and then people would be all befuddled trying to figure out what was what.

[lolol -ed.]

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