January 28, 2014

This USB-Lookin' Wet Diaper Detector Will Be A Thing

It looks like a normal, everyday USB stick, but when it gets near a wet diaper, it lights up! Because it's a wet diaper detector. Made out of a USB casing.

That's how Eric Schuh designed his Kickstarter, and that's what he's going to use to build the 400+ wet diaper detectors that have been ordered so far. Will he build one for YOU? It takes about an hour, he says. And they're $12. $11/each for 4, $10/each for 4. So the more you buy, the lower Schuh's hourly wage!

I'm sure it'll all work out great, and at least it doesn't tweet your kid's diapers and transmit them back to the Huggies Surveillance Cloud like some wet diaper detectors.

Wet diaper detector keychain, children and nursing homes, will be funded on Feb. 20 [kickstarter via dt reader sara]

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