September 25, 2013

3rd Gen Mambo Family Baby Swim Collar


After tumbling into the labyrinthian world of Chinese knockoff baby bath gear yesterday, I floated past this remarkable product: the 3rd Generation Mambo Family Transparent Baby Swim Ring Collar.

Let's all take a moment to remember the brave families who helped test the 1st & 2nd Generation Mambo Family Baby Swim Collars, whose sorrows, sacrifices, and product feedback helped make the 3G totally and completely safe in all circumstances and situations!

Baby House | 第三代曼波家族透明婴儿游泳圈脖圈宝宝颈圈救生圈幼儿泳圈新生儿, ¥47.50 []

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Since you've posted that, the link now directs to the FOURTH GENERATION!

It's hard to keep up with the changes in China, I know.

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