September 24, 2013

Baby Shower Cap Photo Reviews Itself


What can I add to-- I mean--

It doesn't even--

and meanwhile, this photo shows up on this Baby Shower Cap Baby Shampoo Visor ["Features:
Is your kid hate taking a bath because he/she hates getting water in his/her face"], which has 50 [!] reviews, and on this one, Baby's Hair Wash Hat Shampoo Shower Cap Color Random, so now we now the direct character translation is "baby hair wash hat." Here's one with a spot for my logo or promotional message.

YET IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY MATCH EITHER OF THEM. There is an entire industry of baby shower visor knockoffs. It's like a $5 white stacking patio chair for your head. They're all produced by Chinese prisoners and marketed on Amazon via Google Translate bots. THIS IS THE WORLD YOU HAVE BROUGHT A CHILD INTO, CONGRATULATIONS. UH, GROWNUPS, CAN YOU TURN THIS SHIP AROUND BEFORE YOU DIE, OR AT LEAST BEFORE I HAVE TO START LOADING UP ON COLLEGE LOAN DEBT, IS WHAT THAT KID'S FACE SAYS TO ME RIGHT NOW. [via likecool, thanks dt reader rolf]

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