December 24, 2013

Have Yourself A Merry PeeWee Christmas


Oh crap, I thought I'd get a little writing done while the rest of the family's at the 8th performance of The Nutcracker this year. But Andy Baio just tweeted out the link to PeeWee Herman's Christmas Special. Looks like I'm clearing the next 48 minutes, or at least fast forwarding to the Charo and Grace Jones appearances. Wow, kd lang fans will want to give yourself a present by skipping over this performance. It's like she lost a bet or something.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and peace and quiet otherwise, and remember kids, if it's not snowing at your house this Christmas, just pour 20 lbs of coconut shavings on the floor!

Also, in 1988 PeeWee invented the tablet computer, if not the actual iPad. The Magic Screen:


Watch PeeWee's Christmas Special, the whole freaky thing []
PeeWee Herman's Christmas Special (1988) [youtube]
ah, yes, I freaked out over this awesomeness in 2007, too.

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