March 5, 2012

DT Mommy Mailbag: Poo-Pourri Edition

Of all the things in the kid-related world to gender color-code:


Potty training can be tough on kids, parents, and noses. Add some fun to the bathroom experience with the latest stink-eliminating products from Poo-Pourri, the company behind the spray-before-you-go bathroom refresher that's sprayed directly onto the toilet water. The latest products are aimed at potty training youngsters. The Super Dooper Pooper line includes a silly blue or pink Poo-Pourri spray, a hardback potty training book and even a child-sized T-shirt.

Do you have a little potty trainer? If so, I'd be happy to send you the Super Dooper Pooper spray and book! Just let me know which color spray we should send--blue or pink. [bold in the original]

Poo-pourri. Pou-pourri. I mean-- Poo-pourri.

Seriously, why does this poo-engulfing polymer whatever have to be not just blue or pink, but blue or pink?


I assume blue is for poo and pink is for pee? Or am I missing something?

I use Poo-Pourri in my house and the company makes before-you-go bathroom sprays. I think this is their new add on product for children so I am assuming blue is for boys and pink is for girls. The toilet spray really works though - I recommend it to all my friends now!

As a feminist, consumerist dadblogger, I'd have thought my question would have been recognized as rhetorical, also critical. Thanks for the product review, though.

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