December 15, 2008

And Now It's Springform For Hitler In Germantown


Let the record show that no one puts a kid's full name on a grocery store birthday cake. And you also know that when little Adolf Hitler Campbell's parents' cake order at the ShopRite was refused, there was no exchange of Junior League of Greenwich Township pleasantries over the matter.

Still, if the Express-Times in Lehigh Valley was going to take the bait and give these knuckleheaded parents the publicity their stupid kid names were designed to generate [1], the least they could have done is to give us better shots of their porcelain poodle and commemorative mini-beer-stein collection. Who knew 25-year-old Neo-Nazis collect the same tacky junk as a mothball-scented, old Dominican grandma in Washington Heights?

Holland Township family angry that supermarket won't personalize cake for their son [ via jason]
[1] There are two other kids, including a baby sister, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, who is not related to Aryan Justice, who's 3.5, and has dealt with her birthday cake problems in media silence]


What I really like is the other kitsch on the shelf behind them. Like the brass hand flipping you off. The parents must have won that at the county fair in the prize crane when they couldn't capture the cheap ligter with the pot leaf on the side. I also like the dragon (they must like dungons and dragons).

I guess it's not surprising, but I find it funny how these guys are always dead ringers for Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel.

Naming your kid JoyceLynn? Thats just cruel...

I like the caption under the second photo in the article: "Young Adolf Hitler Campbell will be getting a cake from Wal-Mart this year."

I'm glad I won't have any trouble getting my first and middle names printed on a birthday cake from Walmart this year.

Whoa! And I thought JustinBobby was bad!

If we had a decent eugenics program in this country, crap like this wouldn't happen.

Maybe next year dad will let him get his name tatooed on his forehead.

hmm, now where've I heard THAT idea before?

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