July 22, 2013

Don't Think About C-Sections When You Cut That Gender Reveal Cake

Heard from a member of the DT Executive Committee that the post with the crowning baby cake is gross. Yes, dear, you are right, I am sorry.

So in order to push it farther down the page and out of sight, here is a C-section cake from The Unnecearean's collection of WTF baby shower cake designs. Aren't those fondant surgical draperies really well done?


This is almost exactly what I think of every time I hear or read the phrase "Gender reveal cake." Now you can have that image seared into your brain, too! Are you looking for ideas for a gender reveal cake? How's this for a gender reveal cake? Oh, are you cutting the gender reveal cake? What's inside?

Horrifying cakes edition via cakewrecks [theunnecesarean.com]

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