November 5, 2009

Yeah, So, Damien Hirst's Sausage-in-a-Baby-Bottle Sculpture


The funny thing is, I could look at Damien Hirst's bisected calf in formaldehyde while eating veal carpaccio. I could grind my own hamburger next to his installation withmaggots and a rotting cow's head. I could lose myself in the truly unexpected beauty of his massive paintings coated thick with the carcasses of a million dead flies.

But for some reason, this new edition, Innocence Lost, a pork sausage submerged in a baby bottle filled with alcohol, just grosses me the hell out. It'd sure put me off the idea of having my son circumcised, though, I can tell you that.

alternate reading update: from dt reader td, who had problems with the comment [sorry]: "what happens when alcohol and table saws mix?"

Innocence Lost, 2009, Ed. of 35 + 5 Artist Proofs, engraved on the bottle with the artist's stamp, signature, and edition number, £5,200, including VAT [ via afc]

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