July 22, 2013

There Will Always Be An English Retrograde Midwifery Cake Topper

midwife_cake_RCM_searle.jpgDid someone mention childbirthing in England? The Royal College of Midwives sponsored a Great Midwifery Cake-off to celebrate the International Day of Midwifery, which was in May sometime.

Adrian Searle's marzipan cake topper is hilarious in that, "Why did I expect modern depiction of a dad's involvement in childbirth might be expressed in a cake decorating contest for the most highly gendered occupation in history?" way.

That the highly naturalistic [but waxed] crowning cake and the super-shiny-veiny placenta cake didn't win tells you all you need to know about the state of the British midwifery industry. Positively Dickensian all up in there.

The great midwifery cake-off [rcm.org.uk]

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