November 30, 2007

Bumper Bonnet: One Less Thing We Can Mock Australians About


When our domestic GM divisions blithely ignore our demands for family-sized El Caminos, and our international reputation and currency have been flushed [counterclockwise, btw, I just checked] down the toilet, Australia-mocking Americans could always take comfort knowing that at least we weren't The Home of The Head Bumpa.

Those mocking days are over. DT reader Victoria spotted the Bumper Bonnet ["ideal for homes with hardwood floors"] in the latest One Step Ahead catalogue.

Which teaches us an important lesson: don't open that thing, it's SkyMall for babies! No, well, yeah, there is that. But I was thinking of "when you point a finger at Australia, there are three fingers pointing back at you."

Fortunately, the other hand's still free to point and laugh at Scotland, the Home of The ThudGuard.

Bumper Bonnet, imported, $12.95 []
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Wow... talk about timing; I check my RSS feeds and just after seeing this post of yours, I see this Autoblog post about the Holden ute coming to North America (sans family-size crew cab, unfortunately) as the "Pontiac G8 ST".

Apparently the wagon is slated to be brought over too, though, so all is not lost; I'd seriously consider that car, especially if I could get someone in Australia who wanted a unique looking Holden to swap front end fascias and badges with me. :)

We do not have enough fingers to point back 3 for your every 1! However when we point our finger back at America there's umm- like ...lots. Seriously the consumers of clothes for snowmen, strollers for dogs and costumes for cars...better leave off with the helmet bashing. Not all of our children are wrapped in cottonwool-heck sometimes we dangle them in front of crocs.

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