August 2, 2007

Asked And Answered: Jordan Flaunts Her Artificial Milk Delivery System

note: cans are simulated and not to scale

What better time than during World Breastfeeding Week for British "glamour model" and new mom Jordan to rip off her metaphorical top to reveal her chest--is not taking reservations. Sorry, Princess.

Here's DT UK correspondent Becster's report:

Jordan is quoted in OK! magazine as saying:

"My breasts are for one person only. No one is feeding off me. And anyway, Junior had formula and he's ok."

She is pictured across a double spread feeding her daughter from an SMA-branded bottle, and mentions the convenience of ready-sterilised disposable bottles and teats.

The article is followed by a full-page advertisement for SMA Progress follow-on milk. (Advertising of infant formula for babies under 6 months is illegal in the UK but no such restrictions exist regarding formula for older children.)

Please draw your own conclusions.

Meanwhile, here's another breastfeeding celeb to add to your collection - Eva Herzigova...

No kidding^2. Even without the two actual BF shots, that photoshoot in the German edition of Vanity Fair had to have been styled by Die Milchwaffe. Uma, Eva. Eva, Uma.

World Breastfeeding Week []
Eva Herzigova in VF-DE, scans []
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I think the double-spread of her feeding her baby would have been more interesting if she HAD been breast-feeding.

I still vote for keeping Uma.

[wait, are you saying those pictures were faked?? we'll bust that scandal wide open -ed.]

To be fair, with all the drugs and alcohol Jordan does, it's not like formula is really going to make a difference at this point. It might help them actually. I wouldn't want any bodily fluids of hers coming into contact with me.

And what is up with the UK not allowing formula ads? Very anti-adoption of them. Not all women can nurse.

Patty--I'm going to assume you're not being ironic here. Adoptee parents make up a tiny fraction of new parents--at best. The UK runs a national health service, which means they are often times going to promote what's best in the interest of the majority and they definitely come down on the side that breast is best for both mother and baby's health.

one of the lovely girls from Mumsnet has scanned in the aforementioned double spread - here and here.

[Unbelievable. That's total product placement. -ed.]

"note: cans are simulated and not to scale".... you kill me, man. Nyuk, nyuk.

I'm still shaking my head about the "my breasts are for one person only" comment.

Who could that be?

Herownself? Cheezbag husband? JJ Daddy-O? (you wish, I know honey) The British Tabloid press as a whole? Who?

Duh! Her plastic surgeon, of course!

Just for the record, it *is* possible for adoptive mothers to lactate. It's hard for them to exclusively breastfeed, but it's possible for them to at least partially breastfeed.

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