August 19, 2008

Crocheted Katamari Prince/ss Cap

Crochetblogger/meganerd/new mom Veronica and her husband needed something for their 2-mo daughter to wear at GenCon last weekend. Crocheting this awesome Katamari Prince of All Cosmos helmet was the most obvious, logical choice. [Did anyone see them? I'd better check flickr for fanpics.]

Seriously, this is the greatest crochetnerd baby photo since that kid with the Yoda hat back in '05.

FO and Pattern: Katamari Damacy Prince of All Cosmos Baby Hat! [itchystitchy via boingboing]

2 Comments absolutely fabulous. Kudos to Veronica from geek parents everywhere. Chad and I have just found out that we're expecting child 2 - and I know just what this one should wear home from the hospital.

or to Otakon, at least. congratulations/good luck!

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