April 24, 2007

Insane Katamari Damacy Wallpapers Collection

Day-um, it's as if Namco rolled a giant ball across the art world, and every cool artist stuck to it.

Back in the day, Namco apparently published 82 Katamari Damacy wallpapers [for your computer, not for your wheatpaste bucket and wall, I'm afraid. But hold that thought.] on their site, each more stunning, cool, sweet, or beautiful than the next. Then, for reasons unknown, they pulled them.


But not before flickr member llshibata grabbed them all. Now he's releasing them back into the wild; he's up to 56 right now. The kid and I could click through these things all day.


Just as I think that ducks and farm animals and teddy bears should be banished, and there should never be another nursery painted with anything other than one of these Katamari designs--BAM--the Prince rolls by a couple of cows, or the screen fills up with cool, sketch-style animals.


Whether you scale up one of these things and print it on vinyl, or you project it on the wall and trace it, or you just take a bit of inspiration from the variety--or you just spend a few clicky minutes with the kid--these things are insane.

Katamari Wallpapers [Set] [IIshibata's flickr stream, via wonderland]

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