April 29, 2010

Noby, Joby. Joby, Noby.


While I was Googling around, trying to track down this fleecy-soft version of Noby Noby Boy, from the cover of the just-released-on-iTunes soundtrack of Keita Takahashi's PS3/iPhone game, I found out Cabel from Panic had a kid way back, last summer. And they named him Joby.

And his little wormy Noby Noby Boy was apparently made by Keita's sister as a baby gift. Also, some intoxicatingly awesome-looking sheets, and a pixellated [?] crib bumper? Very nice work all around, but when it comes to the crown prince of nerd awesomeness, I would expect no less.

Joby Joby Boy [cabel.name via boingboing]

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