December 12, 2007

I Count Only Ten Naked Folks In eBoy's Awesome New Tokyo-Themed Nursery Poster


Actually, it'd probably be the couple of lewds rather than the run-of-the-mill nudes that'd make the Tokyo eCity poster NSFN [Not Suitable For Nursery], even though they're less than an inch high. It adds an air of realism that Tokyo's street life is depicted as the raunchiest of all the eCities; except for a skinnydipper here or nude sunbather there, London, Venice, Cologne, Berlin and New York could be all be Salt Lake City.

I've loved eBoy's classic pixel art for years; the video game-like quality always seemed perfect for kids [too]. A couple of the big [119x84 cm] eCity posters would kind of rock in a nursery.

eBoy eCity posters, EUR16 or EUR19, depending on whether you're out or in the EU [ via boingboing]

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