October 10, 2008

KidsLab Successful Belgian Experiments For Wall And Floor


I was not really aware that kids had lifestyles, but that's just one of the little differences revealed by the happy existence of KidsLab, a Belgian lifestyle brand for children and their imaginations. KidsLab encourages children to be themselves by putting KidsLab designs in their rooms.

Fortunately, they're mostly good-looking designs, like the rather awesome wall decals depicting a classic New York City skyline and a tower of animals. I only wish they were bigger: they're both maxed out at 1 meter tall.


Likewise, a room-filling--or should I say, space-invading--version of KidLabs' Pixel rug would be incredible; the version they produce, 90cm wide, is merely great. Keep experimenting KidsLabbers!

KidsLab flash prevents any direct linking [kidslab.com via Jan, who's back in the design guru-ing business on his Dutch blog, loopfietsjeswinkel]

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