May 27, 2008

By The Felt Rugs Of Grey Skull!


John Pour Home is a Swedish outfit that hand-cuts 5mm felt into the eye-catching, fuzzy, customized rug of your choice. The skull rug shown here in grey or cream [and available in a dozen other colors] is just 128 euros. Bigger, more complex designs, including texts, run up to EUR256. 5mm is about 1/5-inch, which seems a little thin to me, but maybe it's just the right heft for custom felt novelty rugs.

Hand-cut felt rugs by John Pour Home [johnpourhome via inhabitat]


Why would you want a skull in your child's bedroom? I could see a teenager having it though.

I love it!!! of course I do one too for the child bedrooms!!!
please give more ideas to make in my home.. I love the skulls!!!

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