June 13, 2012

Limited Edition Crib Sheet By Camilla Engman


Third Drawer Down is apparently one of the global leaders in the museum shop industry. Which does not quite go far enough in explaining how it came about that the Australian souvenir company ended up producing a limited edition fitted crib sheet by Swedish artist/illustrator Camilla Engman.

But here it is. Edition of 1,000, fine cotton, printed with polar bears, was $AU75, now just $AU50. It comes in a beautiful gift package, as if you had the aesthetic assuredness to be buying something like this for anyone but your own, polar-bear-loving self.

Camilla Engman Fitted Baby Cot Sheet, one size, probably fits everyone but UK's longer crib mattresses, $AU50 [thirddrawerdown]
Camilla Engman portfolio site, which I can't remember why I'd visited it in the last few weeks, but there it is in my browser history [camillaengman]

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