November 12, 2006

VW Touran: "Finally, It's Great To Be A Dad [In Europe.]"

The newly redesigned VW Touran is a Golf-based 5- or 7-seat mini-MPV that's been getting great reviews in Europe. But since no one in Malibu drives such a thing, VW's execs know there's no market in the US, so don't bother throwing your V W gang signs any time soon. [Besides, everyone's too busy buying Mazda5's.]

No, America doesn't want small, high-mileage cars that perform well and have incredible space usage without looking like crap. We just want funny commercials for such rides. And on this front, at least, the VW Touran does not disappoint.

In the first two dad-related ads, the Touran is the prize at the end of the Roller Coaster Of Life. The tagline, seriously: "Finally. It's great to be a dad." [via adrants]

But my favorite is the dude with half a dozen pregnancy tests in his nightstand drawer, whose morning-after banter involves phrases like "What, it's forbidden to have a kid?" and something about having sex like rabbits. The tagline: "you don't need kids to drive a Touran."

Along that line, the third ad is from Creepyville, a bizarrely American-looking suburb of Brussels Berlin, I guess, where a nosy neighbor and her rugrats welcome the new Touran drivers to the neighborhood. The whole thing couldn't be lamer stereotyping if she were wearing blackface. If it were an Ikea commercial, that Touran, too, would be hauling kids' furniture.


what about that Caddy Life thing, looks like a micro van ...

[huh? what's that? -ed.]

on that page with the Touran the other models are listed to the left and there is one called the Caddy Life that has sliding doors.

[ah, I mean, duh. I thought you meant Cadillac. -ed.]

Unless the Belgians have taken up speaking German, I think that Creepyville suburb is in Germany, btw. (I guess you could say that "da haus is in da Deutschland.")

[eh, I watched it with the sound off because the kid was asleep. The subtitles made me assume it was some crazy, officially bilingual country. -ed.]

I kind of like the "Die Stepford Frauen" commercial.

Why are out commercials so boring? ... I would love to see more commercials like this on American TV ... if that were the case, I might even watch them ...

They speak German in belgium too and over here in Germany the suburb is supposed to be an American, kind of like in desperate housewifes, funny isn´t it? We don´t have suburbs like that over here.

Yes it's Belgium

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