September 1, 2006

But Does He Sing 'Some Day My Prince Will Come?"

A distraught mom wrote in to the Washington Post because their 3.5-yo son is obsessed with Disney Princesses: wants to play dress up rather than go outside, even insists on a Disney Princess birthday party. "So far, my husband and I have tried to remain neutral and have even let him buy Disney Princess books or DVDs occasionally."

The Post tiptoes around their real, unspoken question: Is he gay?

And the answer: Of course he's gay. He's gay as the day is long. Just like my daughter is a giant lesbian because she wears boy's Levi's, likes to build block towers, and asks to watch Thomas videos.

The solution: throw everything out, then take him to Pottery Barn Kids for a makeover, but--and here's the tricky part--only let him choose fabrics, colors and some funky accessories to freshen up his space from among the boy-colored items.

These scientifically chosen decorating schemes are there for a reason, people.

Now let's talk about the denial of reality behind the phrase "we even let him buy..."

A Boy And His Princess Obsession [washpost]


My 4 yo son LOVES his very special red flowery dress. He's very disappointed that boy clothes aren't prettier.

Do I worry that he will face disapproval and judgment from the outside world?

Sure. Who wants to suppress a love of beauty in a small child?

Do I worry that he's gay?

I don't even understand that question. Why should I care?

PS: He also fights over the Tonka trucks with his 2 yo sister. Go figure.

Maybe the kid likes the Princess crap because he knows all the chicks love it. I mean, he can know all about the girls' obsession right along with them! And, here's the tell: He only wants to invite girls to his party!

He's not gay... he's just playing harem! What a smart boy! ;)

Heck no, he's not gay. He just hasn't been tainted by narrow-minded societal expectations - yet. I say, rock on with experimenting and expressing personal tastes as long as you can before peer pressure starts limiting your palette of choices!

Then again, I guess my family had some kooky upbringing notions - my sister played with a black baby doll for years but wanted little or nothing to do with the kitchen. My brother & I, on the other hand, are both excellent cooks. Seems like we all turned out okay - without even a hint of racial or gender confusion.

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