December 23, 2005

Tufted Wool Rugs By Graffiti Artists

toyculture_rug.jpgI don't know how well these'll match the giant model car wall hanging in your nursery, but I'll throw them out there anyway.

The group of London-based street artists who run Toy Culture have transformed some of their tags and other art into limited edition (25/design, mostly) hand-tufted wool rugs. Some are shaped, some are square, some are runners--you wouldn't think of graffiti artists as being so attuned to the different possible shapes and requirements of rugs, but there you are.

They all cost about what a high end wool rug'd cost, from several hundred pounds to ´┐Ż1875 for the biggest (1.7m x 2.4m).

Graffiti Artist rugs at Toy Culture
[ via boingboing]


very cool indeed! Yet, there is something weird about graffiti for sale.... not that I don't think it has any value, - I am a huge fan, but itÝs just that I have a sense that it is meant to be public, exposed, to the view of all, not lying in your living room for you to step onÍ.anyway, just a thought.

I meant to add that - I guess that if it is the artists themselves who are doing it, then it's ok. It would be creepy if ABC Carpet or Pottery Barn were making moeny out of graffiti rugs....

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