May 1, 2008

Sweet Juniper + Etsy = Sweeter Juniper


At the end of the day, none of us has that much control over when we become famous; Jim's awesome photos of the Detroit Public Schools Book Depository were like the 4,711th thing in his flickr stream when they popped a few months back. What I love is that Jim launched his Sweet Juniper Etsy shop just as their second kid was coming.


Which means sure, you *could* buy some sweet, limited edition prints to outfit your own kid's colorful, urban ruin-themed nursery. But that means Jim will have to spend that much more precious naptime matting, packing, and shipping your order, which gives him that much *less* time to write--or take new photos. It's Juney's Choice.

My solution was to order multiple prints at one time, and cut down on the packaging.

Sweet Juniper's Etsy shop, signed photographic prints, $25-100 []

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