September 17, 2005

Coming Soon: Princess Of The Stone Age

Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age and Distillers lead singer Brody Dalle are having a kid. Dalle is like months along, and fan photos of her pregnant self showed up on a QOTSA message board a couple of weeks ago [since deleted]. Celebrity Baby Blog also picked up on it, but spokesmen for the two only confirmed it yesterday to MTV News.

To flesh out the details, MTV asked Eagles of Death Metal lead singer Jesse Hughes, who wrote a song about the duo for his upcoming album (in stores January), for his best fawning publicist impression:

It's a fairy tale, love-charm song. Their relationship was hard to be in for those two, considering their public personas and where it came from and the circumstances through which she left her husband [Rancid lead singer Tim Armstrong. Sheesh, small world] Joshua and Brody went out of their way to do everything right. There was no stealing of any girlfriend. It was very sweet. When people want to have children, when they want to start a family, that's kind of an amazing thing in this world today when a pregnancy isn't accidental and they really form that bond, it's a beautiful thing."
Yes it is, Jesse, yes it is.

QOTSA's Josh Homme, Brody Dalle Expecting Their First Child []
Rocker Brody Dalle expecting a boy [CBB, 8/31]

1 Comment

the post i got this link from said they are having a boy. and Jesse said (further on in that interview i guess) that Brody and and Josh are having a girl.

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