January 2, 2011

At The Dawn Of A New Year

Just like President Obama, I prefer to look forward, to the future, rather than get bogged down in the rehashing the mistakes--even the most unconscionable crimes--of the past.

So rather than dwell on WTF was I thinking when I registered it in the first place, I'd rather hear your advice on whether I should renew DIDDYTYPES.COM by Feb. 1, and if so, what I should do with it.


Could have been worse. You might have registered "Diddlytypes," which could only be a site on sex offenders.

are you kidding me? when the $1 million offer from sean combs for his third choice blog URL (diddysmusings and trialsandtribulationsofpuffdaddy still belonging to holdouts) you'll be glad you dropped that $9.99.

Meanwhile you can always throw up a mirror/archive of http://twitter.com/iamdiddy

You could parlay it into a sitcom deal -
"$#$@! My Diddy Says."

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