July 18, 2008

Nobi-Nobi Disney Ball Tower Of The Apocalypse


Holy crap, Takara Tomy! Flashing lights, multiple melody buttons, melody balls, sounds, raising towers, spiraling ball tracks--inside and out--ball hiders, ball holders, ball chutes, clocks, butterflies, Mickey, Minnie, Donald...The insane Nobi-Nobi Ball Tower has 16 [!] separate features for hours of entertainment. The 17th is the kid who's playing with its head exploding.

Nobi Nobi Ball Tower, 6,300 yen [takaratomy.co.jp via dt reader mark]
WTF?? It was a finalist in the Basic Toy category for the Japanese Toy Association's 2008 Japan Toy Prize?? [toys.or.jp]

1 Comment

Another made in China recall waiting to happen...

Well waited long enough not 1 recall but ___?!?!?!

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