August 11, 2010

OG Tupperware Japan Toy


Check that out: The vintage/flea market shark who runs Swimsuit Department found a mint-in-box, vintage Tupperware Shape-O puzzle ball. From and in Japan. Apparently, they were called Tuppertoys there. Who knew?


All I know is, my little brother and sisters got one of these things; we kicked it around the house for years.

Lucky Saturday [swimsuitdepartment]
previously: Tupperware Noah's Ark triggers flood of childhood memories

UPDATE: Wait, what? They still make the Shape-O, and it's on Amazon??


My sisters and I had one! I remember as a tot that thing was a *$&@W#^ to open up (at least when it was new).

Got it. Well, the grandparents do. Our 2.5-year-old's a pretty big fan. We have some shape-sorters of our own, but that one is pretty top notch. Lots of different shapes and I don't think any of them fit through the "wrong" space.


I remember snapping it on sibling fingers.

I had one as a kid too, and when I saw it in my MIL's Tupperware catalog a few years ago, I went crazy and ordered it for my kids. Who used it as a jail for their dad's vintage fisher price scuba people.

shriek, do you mean "Adventure People"? I LOVED them. I think my parents still have mine around somewhere.

I will neither confirm nor deny that the Shape-O made an awesome machine for instilling fear-of-pinching in younger siblings.

And certainly older brothers never chased ANYONE around the house yelling "Pinchy's gonna get you!" with this thing.

Still, I can't believe how much it costs. I wanted to buy one for DS so that he could experience the same sister-torturing joy but they were $35.

Yep, teufelkindsvater, I think that's them.

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