June 17, 2008


The kid likes the one-legged jump roping. Me, it's this one here, with the stilts and the glazed donut. That's my favorite video of Japan's own Steve-O-in-a-balloon, Fusen-taro. [風船太郎, Balloon Boy. The last two characters, -taro, are used in a lot of boys' names, so it's a common nickname-y suffix.]

According to one caption on Arabiki-dan, the Jackass-meets-Gong Show TV show where Fusentaro performs, he's 39 and has one kid. You'll also notice that the host of Arabiki-dan resembles Johnny Knoxville, plus a tiny, dog-riding monkey-sized cowboy hat, minus the balls to do anything himself.

The clips have started disappearing, so: Search YouTube for Fusentaro/風船太郎 [youtube via tvinjapan via boingboing]


Lol!I've seen this on youtube and boingboing before. So weird. But I wanna try this for kicks. I mean every once in a while, I would like to try something silly like this for fun. (Jackass style not included).

watch the video while my stomach was pretty hungry :D

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