June 20, 2014

Khreightyve Baby Names Roundup At STFUParents

Sometimes as a parentblogger, you just have to stop and acknowledge pure WTF genius. And even when a loyal reader and contributor to the DT discourse says it's "the baby name post you should have written," you have to be strong enough and honest enough to face the reality that I don't have enough Y's, KH's, accents or apostrophes in my life right now to be able to write even half of STFUParents' epic roundup of baby naming mayhem.

It is all just beyond, and srsly I can't even:


Now I'm going to point out that this example is technically from 2009, but STFUP's people were legitimately looking up the pronunciation of Zhyrhyla when they found it so, all good [sic]. I am going to disagree with STFUP&Co, though, and say that Green Parent is not actually flipping the bird to the English language here, but is executing a very subtle critique, wrapped in giddy enthusiasm. Green assumes that it's impossible to neg Purple out of her naming strategy, but it might be possible to plant a seed of doubt, or self-awareness. To get Purple to ask herself, "Wait, am I a 'wierdo'?" for perhaps the very first time.

And from that seed of prenatal consciousness, a small sapling of empathy might grow. And rather than naming your kid after your last three wifi passwords combined, and then getting all aggro when no one can pronounce or spell it, ever, you give the kid a more reasonable name.

OTOH, Demo is kind of cool. So, for that matter, is Otoh.

Just throwing that out there.

Yoonique Names: Mid-Year Baby Names Dump Edition [stfuparentsblog.com via jj daddy-o]

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