February 13, 2014

Audi A4 Avant Dazzle Camo Wagon

Olsson's camo Gallardo with ski box, photographed on my old skateboarding hangout, Larvotto in Monte Carlo. Where there is no skiing.

You may know Swedish skier Jon Olsson from his X Games and Red Bull stunt marketing work, but he's also known for his tireless efforts on behalf of the underserved and less fortunate: Lamborghini drivers with camo wraps who want to go skiing.


Then Olsson began extending his ski box innovations for the benefit of other premium Volkswagen brands. For the last couple of years he's driven a tuned Audi R8 outfitted with a ski box, a Monaco license plate, and somewhat redundantly, a decorative wrap with "douchebags" and a couple of gambling URLs on it.


And now, he's partnered with Audi to launch the Audi A4 Avant Jon Olsson Camo Edition. 50 tuned A4 2.0 TDis are tuned by Swedish performance house Stertman Motorsports, and wrapped in Olsson's carefully selected Dazzle-style camo. They're being offered in Sweden for 400,000 kronor, or around $62,000. With a matching roofbox and 1,450 L of storage space, think of all the douchebags this one will hold.

Audi A4 Avant Jon Olsson Camo Edition [audi.se via dt readers dt and jjdaddy-o]
History of Ski Boxes [jon-olsson.com]
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