January 19, 2014

Les Jeux d'Enfants Cookbooks By Michel Oliver


I lost this link, and then I just found it. Which is awesome, because this 1966 book, La Patissierie est un jeu d'enfants/Mkaing French Desserts & Pastries is Child's Play, written and illustrated by Michel Oliver, who was then a 28-year-old dad of three, is awesome in French AND English. [The English edition has monochrome translated pages after each original French spread.]

Wary Meyers, of course, has more excellent images from their vintage copy of the book, which was a sequel to Oliver's 1963 blockbuster best seller, La Cuisine est un jeu d'enfants, which had an introduction written by Jean Cocteau [quoi de quoi??]


Oliver's father Raymond was a famous, 3-star Michelin chef who owned Le Grand Vefour near the Palais Royale. Oliver fils's jeu d'enfants series of cookbooks have sold over three million copies, and yet their Amazon prices are still kind of all over the place.

Making French Desserts and Pastry Is Child's Play [warymeyers]
Buy old copies of La patisserie est un jeu d'enfants starting at $35 or so [amazon]
Buy used copies of La cuisine est un jeu d'enfants by Michel Oliver from $29 and up [amazon]

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Yes, I have that one!

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