February 18, 2014

Malebøker Is Norwegian For Coloring Books


Norske Malebøker is a gorgeous-looking anthology of vintage Norwegian picture, activity, and coloring book illustrations, assembled by Einar Økland from his own collection. 50 Watts has a typically amazing selection of images in a rich and beautiful variety of styles. In the 1920s-40s Norwegian kids were apparently encouraged to use watercolors, not crayons.

But let's just agree now that this is hog butchering scene is the greatest non-Johnny Cash-related coloring book page in history.

That there doesn't seem to be much [or any] distribution outside Norway feels like an axe in the head.

Drawing Norway [50watts.com]
Try buying Einar Økland's Norske malebøker from the publisher, Samlaget, for kr 429 [samlaget.no]

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