October 1, 2013

Ford Models, Or Brooklyn Blastocysts On Ice

My online friend and hero writer Paul Ford has a great essay in Elle Magazine [really] about his and his wife's experience with fertility treatments and what to do with the extra embryos.

In addition to being a great read, it's got lots of useful insights on pregnancy and parenting in all its varieties:

Those judgmental people were there all through the fertility process, telling my wife that she should never drink, or that she should calm down and have a few drinks, that we should just have more sex, that we needed to try harder, that we should adopt. We researched it: Adoption is so grueling and ethically fraught that it makes fertility treatments look like a frolicsome dance in a wooded glen. "What about foster care?" asked people who had no idea about the foster-care system. The people who knew the least were generally the most willing to offer counsel. (Some unsolicited advice: You can best help someone struggling with her fertility by being quiet. "Ah, but what are you doing about gluten?" you might ask. No. Not gluten. Quiet.)
Determining the Fate of Frozen Embryos: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? [elle.com]

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