August 24, 2012

Jake Dobkin & Amy Sohn: The Remodeled Eat-In-Kitchen Debate

Oh man, fresh off of selling his gently used Bugaboo, Gothamist's dad in chief and OG Park Slope proletariat Jake Dobkin sat down for a Q&A with Amy Sohn, who wanted to promote her new book about the Whoremoms of Park Slope or whatever. Well.:

Dobkin: As you know, I was raised by radical Stalinists in Park Slope in the 1980s. What really galls me is how the values that I was raised with, which were all about community, sacrificing for others, and avoiding consumption, have given way to the world described in your book- militant materialism, especially around real estate, and the celebration of toxic values like celebrity and fame- here I'm thinking of your obsession with Maggie Gyllenhaal and her husband. Is it true that if you give a liberal a piece of property and twenty years, they always turn conservative? Why has Park Slope turned its back on the leftist values of the past?

Sohn: [No Response]

A Short Interview With Park Slope Author Amy Sohn [gothamist]

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