September 6, 2013

My Little Sonny: Parenthood Is Magic

dash_masterrottweiler.pngMatt Duron kicks some stereotyping ass in The Atlantic as he tells of raising his girly son:

To me, loving a child who is different, a target and seen as vulnerable is my role as a father and decent human being. He's just as special to me and loved by me as my oldest son, whose most prized possession is a pocketknife, who plays football, likes fart jokes, and is starting to notice girls.
His wife has a blog, and a book, both called Raising My Rainbow, which she's currently promoting.

Which, I guess I was hoping we'd evolved into a post-rainbow culture, but I guess if there's still one kid's family who needs or wants to hang onto that rainbow to get their enlightened act together, then so be it. Rainbows it is.

My Son Wears Dresses. Get Over It [theatlantic]
Buy Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender-Creative Son [raisingmyrainbow]
image: Angry Rainbow Dash, fan art vector drawing by Masterrottweiler on deviantart]

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