August 20, 2013

In Mother Russia, Emporio Armani Diapers Bore You


I was at the beach when some Russian artist released an ad campaign for phony Emporio Armani diapers, and then promptly outed himself via an assistant/publicist as the creator of the "art piece" that supposedly made "a comment about global consumerism."

So I didn't see the hoax, or the uncovering, or the pitch email to cover the uncovering, until a few days later, after which it was a big, boring nothingburger, so who even cares?

But I just found this picture left open in like the 8th browser window on the iPad the kid comandeered for Minecraft on the drive back from the Outer Banks.

And seriously, I mean, what? What kind of comment could you even hope to make about global consumerism that global consumerism isn't already making for you? Armani diapers are so not implausible, and Russia, of all places, is so nouveau blingy, no one should be surprised either way.


Except, also, artist, don't you realize that Emporio is just the bridge line? The absolute bottom of the Armani brand pyramid? Even having a logo with my initials in the middle of it can't get me to want, much less buy anything there.

If you must: Artist Behind Armani Diaper Hoax Speaks [racked]

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