April 10, 2013

'The Private School Has No Connection To The Disney-owned Network'


Way back in the day I used to work on an education-related startup at Disney, and I think that their focus grouping Sofia The First at pre-schools is as hilarious as it is appalling.

The children are students at ABC Little School (the private school has no connection to the Disney-owned network). Like a small collection of other schools in the greater Los Angeles area, this school welcomes Disney Junior executives into its facility several times a year so they can meet with small groups of preschoolers and kindergartners to get their opinion on episodes in development for series like "Sofia," "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" and "Doc McStuffins." In exchange, the children are given Disney Junior stickers and the school receives $100 per visit.
And seriously? A measly $100/school/focus group? What a racket. At least tell me the kids were able to get VIP spots on casting lists.

Sofia the First: Disney Junior Test-Markets A Modern Princess [wsj]

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