November 20, 2012

Turniture II: Rocking Plywood Playhouse/Bar By Lester Walker


Speaking of plans for cutting circles out of plywood in 1970, this popped up a few weeks ago on retronaut, and then I lost track of it. It's called Turniture II, a 4-in-1 convertible outdoor furniture project by architect Lester Walker, which was published in the July 1970 issue of Popular Science.

So it's an adult-size rocker that a kid will fall out of within seconds, a picnic table they're counting twice by relabeling it a "playhouse,"--and a bar. I guess we don't need to be a stickler for math when presented with a playhouse that can be turned into a bar. Carry on!

[Uh-pdate: Whoops, I checked, and the Tank Chair, the two-person, ply-with-circular-cutouts rocker designed by Ant Farm co-founder Doug Michels and Bob Feild was on the cover of Domus in 1968.]

Tank Chair, 1968, Doug Michels & Bob Feild

Turniture II by Lester Walker, Pop Sci, July 1970 [google books]
Previous Lester Walker awesomeness: Creative Playthings Store by Studio Works

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That guy in the first picture looks like he's got an evil plan.

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