September 27, 2012

Wake The F**k Up

Considering the Obama administration's disastrous handling of medical marijuana and decriminalization, and that before he did the drawings for the insta-classic, illustrator Richard Cortes was also the creator of It's Just A Plant, I don't know if he and Go The F**k To Sleep writer Adam Mansbach, approve of this message.

But it's pretty clear what Samuel L. Jackson thinks. The Jewish Council for Education and Research took inspiration from Jackson's reading of GTFTS for their 3.5 minute video trying to get 2008 Obama supporters and volunteers up off their butts and onto the campaign trail.

My suggestion for watching Wake The F**k Up! is to not obsess over the rhymes, which, let's face it, get a little flabby in the middle, and to just hold on. Because the kid really brings it at the end.

And you don't have to be Mormon to get an extra round of LOLZ imagining a pro-Romney video like this, but it helps.

The unedited, NSFSchool version: Wake The F*k Up! []

1 Comment

Okay, I guess I'm really sleep deprived. I'm not getting the $2.3M toilet video on the WTFU story.

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