October 19, 2010


nucking_plush_futs.jpgGod Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her, while ignorant authoritarian religious zealots and their Alaska Birther husbands treat her as a high school cafeteria, and make taunts about the president's balls, which prompts the same smart-ass hack toy company who made a Michaele Salahi action figure [!?] to roll out a pair of talking plush nutz, just in time for Christmas.

And God bless AOL News's Monica Garske, who handles the cojones beat like a pro, and who knows exactly who to call for a quote: the inventor of the original [?!] Bull's Balls. Did you know that Truck Nutz are knockoffs? They are the Robeez to Bull's Balls' Bobux Which, come to think of it, look a helluvalot more like nutsacs than this ridiculous plush mess. If these really are Sarah Palin's cojones, she's better off without.

Quirky Toymaker Creates Cojones for Sarah Palin [aolnews.com]

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