September 15, 2012

Bob Staake's Golden Book Of Inappropriate Children's Books


You might remember illustrator and children's book author Bob Staake from his version of the freaky German classic, Der Struwelpeter. Or from about a million books and graphics he did all over the place, holy smokes, though hm, some of that TV work I thought was Richard MacGuire, but hey.

Anyway, it's clear now that he works to support his hilarious altered children's book covers habit, which are a great addition to the Bad Children's Books genre.


Among Staake's other projects: C is for Cialis: A Politically-Incorrect ABC Book, which I will assume is not a sequel to his Kooki Bee ABC Card Set, which was published by eeBoo a few years ago. That train is just a train.


Bad Children's Books by Bob Staake []

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