August 29, 2012

Luminawesome: Chevy Lumina Stretch Luminasine


OK, work with me, this 1992 Chevy Lumina may be the perfect stretch minivan ever. WTFWhy, you ask? Because as Hooniverse points out, it transforms the "dustbuster to a full-scale Shinkansen." Also, it's in Estonia, so you can admire it from afar without ever having to seriously consider buying it.

Chevrolet Lumina Stretch Limousine - Limusiini, 7 450 €
via: Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday: Stretched Chevrolet Lumina APV [hooniverse]


It actually almost does the impossible: makes a Lumina look good.

It is also available by the hour.

[thanks, Sven, I reformatted your link. -ed.]

I'm about the only one who liked the Lumina van and this is just more of a good thing. The extra length gives it a bullet train look.
(Funny how if shave some inches off A Suburban it becomes a Tahoe, but once Chevy was content to call both its minivan and sedan Luminas.)

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