January 12, 2012

Future Systems For Kids: Hauer-King House


From the way she and Jan Kaplicky divvied up the projects post-divorce, it looks like Amanda Levete got one of Future Systems' first, widely published projects: the 1994 Hauer-King House in Islington, London.


It's so funny, I remember totally eating these images up back in the day, but I swear, I never registered all the kids' detritus. Now, of course, it's all I see.


And with all those surfaces and open floors, it also looks noisy. Awesome, but noisy.


1 Comment

I look at it and all I can think is how many times a kid playing under those windows would slam their heads into the--holy cow, are those Window Quilts??--brackets.

I'd also say it looks like a sauna, but how long did they have to wait in London to get a day sunny enough to light up the interior for those shots.

Here's the front, more or less, today. No worries about roasting in there, I guess. http://g.co/maps/7tbfq

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